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The PS4 Announcement – All the Important Bits at a

Seven years have passed since the launch of PlayStation 3 and finally Sony announced their next system, the PlayStation 4 in New York Last night. With so much detail, opinion, presentations and videos, we thought we’d put all the important bits together in one handy, at a glance, article, for those of us who just […]Read More

Kaz Hirai excluded from PS4 reveal

When Ridge Racer’s absence from today’s PS4 reveal was confirmed – Kaz Hirai’s attendance was not only deemed unnecessary, but (our ‘inside sources’ reveal) actively discouraged. After confining him to the Sony HQ boiler room, duct-taped to a folding chair, he is rumoured to have escaped, raided the (fully stocked) PS Move Armoury and then […]Read More