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5 Games That Need An Anime Adaptation

For those of you who may not actually know this, Castlevania was a game before it received that wonderful anime adaptation. It’s such a fun thing that everyone always looks forward too, whenever a new season of Castlevania approaches. With the Capcom title ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ anime coming out soon, I wanted to talk about some […]Read More

Resident Evil live action series coming to Netflix

Resident Evil and live action. If you’ve seen any of the many Resident Evil movies, this is probably not a combination you want to see. With that in mind, hopefully Netflix’s new live action Resident Evil series does a better job at adapting the games than previous attempts. Revealed by Netflix through a tweet earlier […]Read More

New Pin Kings line of pin badges includes Hatsune Miku,

We’re always happy to see more themed merch available in the west for Japanese franchises, and Numskull Designs‘ new line-up of pins will be a welcome addition to our collections. The Pin Kings brand covers many different franchises, with this first wave consisting of multiple movie, TV and game themed pins. Of these, the clear […]Read More

Every Virus In Resident Evil

The world of Resident Evil is plagued by viruses. The vast majority of the ones featured in the series are actually created by the Umbrella Corporation in attempt to make Bio Weapons like Nemesis and Mr X. It can actually get quite confusing to follow, so let’s break down every virus in Resident Evil. Progenitor […]Read More

Resident Evil TV Show Description Appears on Netflix

The long-rumoured Resident Evil TV show appears to be moving closer and closer to reality, this weekend saw Netflix push live a description for the show ever so briefly. The description has since been pulled but this must mean an announcement is due soon, as they’re preparing for the holding page.     The description: […]Read More

Resident Evil 3 Remake Covers Added To PlayStation Store

The rumoured Resident Evil 3 Remake appears to have just been confirmed on the PlayStation Store via an upload of official cover art for both Resident Evil 3 and it’s Biohazard counterpart!       The covers appeared on Gamstat, a tracker for everything uploaded to the PlayStation Store. The games have been rumoured for […]Read More

Are Capcom Teasing A Resident Evil 3 Remake?

We loved the Resident Evil 2 remake earlier this year, with it being a faithful update of the horrific Raccoon City incident. But, wasn’t someone else trapped in Raccoon City at the same time? Well, if Capcom’s various teases mean what they look like, we could be re-joining Jill in a Resident Evil 3 remake. […]Read More

Classic Resident Evil Titles Coming To Switch In May

Survival horror was love at first window-breaking zombie dog for most fans of the genre, and Switch owners wanting a new survival horror fix won’t have to wait long. Three classic Resident Evil games are incoming, and they really aren’t too far off.   Capcom have today revealed that the release date for the upcoming […]Read More

Huge Amount Of Capcom Original Soundtracks Added To Spotify

Video game music is a wonderful beast, giving a backing to everything you do in game, and allowing those sweet aural tunes to dig their way inside your skull until you simply can’t forget them, and so, we were incredibly excited to find out that a large amount of Capcom original soundtracks have suddenly appeared […]Read More