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Still No Switch Virtual Console, But NEOGEO & Other Third

It’s been just over a month now since the release of Nintendo’s Switch. One hole still punctures our heart. So far, the Super Mario Bros. have been more Super Mario No-Shows, Donkey Kong has been Donkey Wrong-Fully Excluded, and we’ve been Ann-oid at a lack of Metroid. There’s still no news on a Switch Virtual Console. […]Read More

Assault Suit Leynos Review – Return of a Genesis Classic

The Assault Suits series has a long history, from Genesis days to PlayStation 2 platform. Unfortunately, only the original and its sequel on the SNES, known as Cybernator were ever available in the west. However, recently the remake of the original Target Earth game from the Sega Genesis, Assault Suits Leynos, was remastered for PS4. […]Read More

Let’s Play Wonder Boy in Monster Land #1-3: Geraint Gets

Geraint & Peter went old school and played a whole bunch of Wonder Boy in Monster Land the last couple of weeks. Geraint claimed it was really hard, but ended up getting upstaged by Peter, especially when it came to that mushroom boss.         Geraint might continue to play some more… if […]Read More

Wild Gunman Comes to the Virtual Console – The Nintendo

So we’re now officially living in the future. I’m sure most of you already know this, but Wednesday the 21st of October 2015 was the date that Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown travelled to in Back to the Future Part II and so everyone’s been quite excited about that. Including Nintendo! Yes, to celebrate […]Read More

Prototype Donkey Kong Country Info Revealed

If you were to ask me what the best SNES game was, I’d have a hard time choosing between the three Donkey Kong Country games. This trilogy was a fantastic way to breathe new life into the Donkey Kong series and is just as enjoyable today as when it was released. As such, it’s very […]Read More

Funstock Announce Blaze Tab – a Retro Gaming Android Tablet

If you know one thing about our retro-focused partners and friends over at Funstock.com — it’s that not only are they fans of retro gaming, but that they’re also deeply passionate about finding new and exciting ways to harness that retro love in exciting and modern ways. The new addition to their retro product line […]Read More

How Many Donkey Kongs Are There?

For a lot of people, and even Nintendo themselves (at times), the question “how many Donkey Kongs are there?” may seem a bit silly. “Of course there’s only one Donkey Kong!” I hear you saying. Those a little more familiar with the Donkey Kong lore may subscribe to the more common understanding of there being two DKs, […]Read More

Wuppes’ 3D video game papercraft artworks are amazing

There’s this guy called ‘Wuppes3000’ that I found on Flickr. He makes some seriously nice 3D video game papercraft artworks. They’re so awesome, that I thought I’d post them up on here so you could see them – they’re almost entirely retro-classics, and some of his most recent pieces are just beautiful. I really like […]Read More

The best NES Controller inspired things. OF ALL TIME!

I can’t think of many Videogame designs as iconic or enduring as the original NES controller – so it’s little wonder that it’s proved influential for many designers and craftsmen. Everyone – even those who aren’t old enough to have enjoyed all this little rectangle could offer, can recognise it from a million miles away. […]Read More