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Muv-Luv Alternative Review (PC)

Muv-Luv Alternative marks the grand finale of the series and a really long one at that. This time the focus is less on the side character and more on the world and our main protagonist. When you see that it’s highest rated visual novel on vndb by a long shot, you know you are in […]Read More

Mugen Souls Review (PS3)

This game is like a kid on sugar. It wants everything, now! Its combat system contains more features than I can count, it has expansive character customization and item synthesizes, and it allows you to verbally abuse your masochistic enemies. What more could you ask for?   Mugen Souls begins with our protagonist Chou-Chou and her trusted […]Read More

Doujin Classics: Fushigina Morino Pokora

In Fushigina Morino Pokora you play as a little girl who is trying to catch cute creatures called Pokora which are stealing acorns. Featuring some adorable visuals and innovative controls this game quickly breaks from the mold placed by other games.     Your goal in this game is to catch as many Pokora as you can […]Read More

War of the Human Tanks Review (PC)

War of the Human Tanks was released on Rice Digital’s store  yesterday, so I thought I’d spend the morning exploring what it has to offer. From doujin circle Yakiniku Banzai and localisation company, Fruitbat Factory it’s a smart little strategy game – with a cute exterior.     One thing that did take me by surprise […]Read More

Pandora’s Tower Review (Wii)

The journey to Pandora’s Tower’s release has been a long one, with many thinking that the last of the ‘Operation Rainfall’ trilogy wouldn’t see a western release. However, thanks to Nintendo and XSEED, the rest of the word will finally be able to experience Pandora’s Tower’s take on the action-RPG for themselves.   While Xenoblade was a […]Read More

Muv-Luv Unlimited Review (PC)

Muv-Luv Unlimited is the second game in the Muv-Luv franchise and comes bundled with Muv-Luv Extra. Unlike its predecessor, it takes a radically different approach. This time around the main focus is on the plot which does a fantastic job of introducing you to this new unknown world, while at the same time building the […]Read More

Drill Milky Punch Review (PC)

In 2003 the well-known doujin game developer French-Bread released Drill Milky Punch, a doujin game based on Muv-Luv Extra. The name comes from a special attack that Sumika pulls off during the course of the Muv-Luv series. Does this title use its source material effectively and live up to the standard set by other French-Bread […]Read More

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review (PS3)

When JRPG giant Level 5 and talented film maker Studio Ghibli team up to create a game, you know it will be something special. Thankfully, Ni No Kuni doesn’t disappoint, delivering an experience that manages to feel fresh even if it follows many old JRPG conventions.     We first meet the game’s protagonist, Oliver, […]Read More

Muv-Luv Extra Review (PC)

Muv-Luv is one of the most popular visual novel franchises of all times and its third installment is the highest rated game on the visual novel database. It would be criminal to overlook this series, so, with the hope of reviewing the entire franchise, I bring you the first game of this series, Muv-Luv Extra! […]Read More

The NeoGeo X – a console reborn

The NeoGeo, responsible for harbouring a host of 90’s arcade classics including Metal Slug and King of Fighters ’95, has been reborn in the form of a rather flashy portable console. Intrigued by it’s potential and lost in the 2D nostalgia radiating from it’s line-up, we take a closer look at the new NeoGeo X. […]Read More