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Root Letter Movie Adaption In The Works

A Root Letter movie is in the works, based on the visual novels! Interestingly, the movie is actually being made in the USA and not Japan as you might come to expect, but most Japanese adaptions never really went anywhere. Danny Ramirez has also been cast in the movie.   We don’t know TOO much […]Read More

The Best Visual Novels on Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect place to play your visual novels, either on the go or on your TV. Developers and publishers obviously agree, with plenty of Visual Novels being ported to the console, or just outright released at launch. It can be hard to choose where to start, so here’s our list of […]Read More

Our Picks From The Nintendo Christmas Sale

It’s that time of year again, and Nintendo are getting in the festive spirit with a sale that runs until January 2. There’s A LOT of games on sale, so we thought we’d give you a rundown of a few titles we would recommend out of the gargantuan selection in the Nintendo Christmas Sale. Time […]Read More

Root Letter: Last Answer Trailer Shows Off Interactive Elements

PQube has released a new Root Letter: Last Answer gameplay trailer, highlighting the game’s investigative adventure elements. It’s always nice when visual novels mix things up with some more interactive sections, and Root Letter: Last Answer fits the bill there! Check out the trailer below:     Here’s an overview of the game and its […]Read More

Root Letter: Last Answer Release Date Revealed Along With Special

We recently reported that PQube were once again bringing gold to the West with the definitive edition of Root Letter for Switch and Playstation 4. From an announcement this afternoon we now know the Root Letter: Last Answer release date, and that a Special Edition is also incoming!   PQube and the game’s developer Kadokawa Games have […]Read More

Root Letter: Last Answer Announced For Nintendo Switch And Playstation

PQube and developer Kadokawa Games have announced Root Letter: Last Answer, an enhanced version of the popular Root Letter, for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4! The visual novel bestseller will release later this year with a new epilogue, gameplay improvements and a brand new live action mode, turning all the hand-drawn moments into reenacted scenes.   15 years have passed since your […]Read More

Root Letter: Last Answer is a Live-Action Remake

Kadokawa Games has announced, via the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, that the previously announced Root Letter: Last Answer will be a full live-action remake of the original game. There will also be new scenarios, and the game will make its debut on Nintendo Switch.   There is no gameplay just yet, but there are […]Read More

Root Letter: Last Answer and Root Letter 2 Announced

Kadokawa Games has announced that they’re not working on one, but two brand new Root Letter projects! Root Letter: Last Answer has a live-action trailer that could either be a game, a movie, or something else, whilst Root Letter 2 has only been announced with a tentative title so far.     Check out the […]Read More

Root Letter Pen Pal Edition is Now Available for Steam

We’re happy to announce that to coincide with the release of Root Letter on PC via Steam, we will be exclusively stocking our Root Letter Pen Pal Edition now with the option to buy it for Steam!   You can buy it right now here.     Root Letter is one of the most exciting […]Read More

Top 12 Suits in Gaming

The world of video games is ripe with people wearing stylish suits, and it’s time to give them their moment in the limelight. There are many we’d like to name but alas, we will only name the top 12 best suits in gaming today. Who knows, maybe we’ll return with more another day?   Without […]Read More