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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Switch and PC Versions Revealed

RTX London was this weekend, and Arc System Works released a new trailer with a bunch of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle reveals. Not only do we have BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Switch and PC versions to look forward to, alongside the PS4 version, but Hazama and Rachel from BlazBlue join the fray alongside Weiss from […]Read More

Seven Minutes of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Gameplay

Continuing the hype from the recent Ruby Rose footage, Arc System Works has released a seven-minute BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle gameplay video! The footage shows off all 7 of the previously announced characters: Ragna, Jin, Yu, Yosuke, Hyde, Linne, and Ruby! Take a look below:     It was a fairly safe assumption that this […]Read More

Check out Ruby Rose in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

If you’ve been waiting for Arc System Works to show off some RWBY-related antics in upcoming cross-over fighter BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, then you’re in luck! Gray from Rooster Teeth has been hands on with the game and has uploaded some Ruby Rose footage to his Twitter profile.     You can check the video […]Read More

New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Characters Revealed

Earlier this month there was an announcement that we’d see some new BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle characters revealed, and today it was announced that Yosuke Hanamura from Persona, Jin from BlazBlue and Linne from Under Night In-Birth would all be joining the fray.   The official trailer has yet to go live, but you can […]Read More

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is an Arc System Works Wet

Arc Systems Works have just announced that they’re working on a highly ambitious project – BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle! They’re bringing together the universes of BlazBlue, Persona, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY for an all-out cross-over extravaganza! No Guilty Gear, though.     The official teaser trailer has been released, so have a look at […]Read More

Hot Rice Anime Round-up

Hello it’s Aisha, I’m an events writer for Animepicks.com and host of the Anime UK show podcast on wearearcade.com. I like anime so every month I’ll be writing an article (or two depending on any easter eggs company’s reveal) about all the latest dvd releases and new anime shows for on Rice Digital, with my […]Read More