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No Virtual Console Games On Switch At Launch

Yep. Nintendo have just announced that there will be no Virtual Console games on the Switch at launch. Zero. None at all. When will they be coming? Who knows? Nobody apparently. “Virtual Console games will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch. We will share more information in the future.”     Oops. Alas. […]Read More

Holiday Heartbreak – Hudson Soft Mascot Taken Down in the

In 2012 Hudson Soft ceased to exist as a company, merging with Konami. But it still remained its own brand, publishing as an imprint from within Konami. But unsettling images captured by a Japanese blogger show the Hudson Soft mascot being taken down from their building in the new year.     What is that […]Read More

Chaos;Child Made This Japanese Woman Cry

When we’re relaxing on Friday mornings we like to take a look at Japanese commercials. This one for Chaos;Child, part of 5pb’s Science Adventure visual novel series, caught our attention. It’s just a video of a Japanese woman crying, overlaid with social media, shots of a PS4 controller, and some game footage.     It […]Read More