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Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Extended Trailer

The latest installment in the SAO video game collection, Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris is not too far away. Due for release in May, we’re starting to see more and more from the title thanks to Bandai Namco. Today we have a 4-minute extended trailer showing off the story and gameplay.   Watch the trailer: […]Read More

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Switch Review

I’ve been enjoying Bandai Namco’s recent Switch ports a great deal. From SAO Hollow Realisation to God Eater 3 – these are games that, while originating on more powerful consoles, for me at least seem more convenient to play on Switch. I’ve been looking forward to this Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Switch Review for this […]Read More

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review (PS4)

I’ve been wanting a Sword Art Online game based on the Gun Gale Online arc since I it appeared in the anime’s second season. And, with Fatal Bullet, it’s finally here. The fantasy action-RPG elements may be gone, but the slicker third-person shooter gameplay is a welcome replacement, and fitting for Gun Gale.   For […]Read More

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Trailer Shows Off More GGO

The latest Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet trailer has been released, complete with English subs, and it shows off a lot of what’s in store! We already know that you’ll be able to play as Kirito or a custom character, but now we get a look at a bunch of familiar faces who we’ll see on our […]Read More

December Light Novel Release Schedule

Our December light novel release schedule is here to help you get those actual words in front of your eyes. It’s really great to see how many light novels officially come west these days, even if a lot are digital only. It definitely makes keeping track of favourites a lot easier!     Looking for […]Read More

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Interview: Futami-san on Moving the

We recently got to sit down and play a portion of Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. Thanks to the in-universe switch to Gun Gale Online, it’s feeling fresher than ever. We had the opportunity grill the game’s producer Yosuke Futami-san, who’s also worked on most of the other console Sword Art Online games, about making the […]Read More

A Certain Magical Index Season 3, Sword Art Online Season

It’s finally happened! During the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival 2017 event, it was announced that we’d be seeing A Certain Magical Index Season 3 and Sword Art Online Season 3, alongside an anime based on SAO’s Alternative Gun Gale Online light novel series.   Watch the reveal trailer for the long-awaited A Certain Magical Index […]Read More

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Custom Characters Confirmed

Bandai Namco is busy showing off several games at this year’s TGS, and one of them is Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. The series is branching into the Gun Gale Online, which means that it’ll have a larger focus on third-person shooting as opposed to melee weapons and flight. Yes, Fatal Bullet custom characters are […]Read More