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Robotics;Notes Elite and DaSH Coming West

There was a slew of great announcements at the recent Anime Expo 2019, one of which was the news Robotics;Notes Elite is coming west, with sequel Robotic;Notes DaSH to follow! Check out the announcement trailer below:   A lot of people have been crossing their fingers for Robotics;Notes to come west for a long old time, so this […]Read More

Chaos;Child is Out Now in Europe for PS4 and PS

Chaos;Child is out now in Europe both physically and digitally for PS4 and PS Vita! It’s time to get stuck into a gripping murder mystery, and unravel the secrets of the New Generation Murders! Before you do though, enjoy the launch trailer!     Here’s an overview of the game and its features from PQube: […]Read More

Meet the Cast in New Chaos;Child Character Trailer

PQube has released a Chaos;Child character trailer, introducing protagonist Miyashiro Takuru and seven other key characters! You’ll be seeing a lot of these characters across Chaos;Child‘s multiple routes, so it’s best to get a head start on who they are! Check out the trailer below:     Here’s an overview of the game from PQube: […]Read More

Chaos;Child First Hour – Including Both Delusion Choices

We got the opportunity to record our first hour with Chaos;Child! We played it at mostly auto speed so everyone can enjoy this introduction to the game at a reasonable pace. We get up to the first “delusion”, and run through both choices.     Obviously as the game is a visual novel this only […]Read More

Chaos;Child Gigalomaniac Collector’s Edition Announced, Pre-Order Now!

We’re delighted to finally present the Rice Digital Exclusive Collector’s Edition of the acclaimed visual novel, Chaos;Child — the Gigalomaniac Edition. Chaos;Child will be releasing in North America and Europe in 2017, for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The Gigalomaniac Edition will initially be available on both formats, for both regions!   Pre-Order Chaos;Child […]Read More

First 15 Minutes of Chaos;Child in English (PS4) – MCM

Ben & Anne-Lou take a look at the beginning of Chaos;Child at the MCM May 2017 Rice Digital stand. It’s just a quick look at the English opening as part of the announcement that the game is coming west!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9ZpWQHqcgk   As usual you can follow us on YouTube here.   And you can […]Read More

Mages. Announces Steins;Gate Elite and More Science Adventure News

As part of the Chiyo-St. Live 2017 -Genesis- event, Mages. has announced a whole bunch of exciting Science Adventure titles, including the “majorly updated” version of Steins;Gate, titled Steins;Gate Elite! The announcements cover a range of platforms too, including Nintendo Switch! It’s an onslaught of Science Adventure goodness!   The upcoming Anonymous;Code, which was announced for PS4 […]Read More

Chaos;Child Release on PS4 and Vita Coming Later This Year

If you passed up the recent Chaos;Child anime adaptation because you’ve been holding out for the visual novel, then you’re in luck! PQube has announced a Chaos;Child release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe later this year! Check out a teaser trailer below:     Here’s an overview of the game, via PQube: […]Read More

Chaos;Child Anime PV Introduces Main Characters

The Chaos;Child anime adaptation has squeezed in a PV just before it’s 11th January premiere! The PV goes through the main characters and the voice cast, as well as giving us a taste of Kanako Itou’s sweet, sweet opening track ‘Uncontrollable’. Check it out below: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x56kw8d_chaos-child-tv-anime-pv_tv   Set 6 years after the events of Chaos;Head, […]Read More

Chaos;Child Made This Japanese Woman Cry

When we’re relaxing on Friday mornings we like to take a look at Japanese commercials. This one for Chaos;Child, part of 5pb’s Science Adventure visual novel series, caught our attention. It’s just a video of a Japanese woman crying, overlaid with social media, shots of a PS4 controller, and some game footage.     It […]Read More