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SoulCalibur VI Haohmaru Trailer Released

EVO Japan has given us a new trailer for SoulCalibur VI featuring Haohmaru, a guest character from Samurai Shodown. Haohmaru is the second character in the Season Pass 2. There’s no release date yet for him, and there’s still 2 more characters to be revealed within the Season Pass 2.   Catch the trailer here: […]Read More

Breath of the Wild’s Season Pass is the Worst DLC

Nintendo were a bit late getting on the DLC train in the first place, but when they did the results were pleasantly surprising. Breath of the Wild has taken no lessons from their Mario Kart & Smash Bros. DLC successes, bending back into a cheap cash grab that just feels a bit scummy.   Perhaps the […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV DLC Needs to Focus on Its High

Final Fantasy XV had a lot of great moments, but failed to deliver on its key features by the end of the game. The long-term life of the game needs to have a focus on making Final Fantasy XV‘s true heart stronger, but so far it looks like it might struggle, fumbling the idea of […]Read More

It’s Tingle But Not As You Were Expecting, Breath of

Those gliding to Tingle Island in Breath of the Wild would have been disappointed to find nothing there except for a shrine. Those islands were all that remained of Tingle’s legacy in the game… until now. Nintendo have detailed Breath of the Wild DLC Pack 1’s contents, and it’s pretty lacking except for the green […]Read More

Akuma Street Fighter V DLC Trailer Revealed at PSX

Akuma Street Fighter V DLC has been confirmed at the PlayStation Experience 2016. We all expected it to happen, especially seeing as he’s all up in Tekken 7, but it’s nice to get it confirmed and to have a look at him in action. He’s playable right now at the PSX Capcom Booth if you’re […]Read More

Disgaea PC Coming to Steam!

One of the greatest SRPGs is coming to Steam! Disgaea PC as it is called will be the first PC version of this iconic franchise. This PC version will feature all the elements you have come to love, from silly characters to hardcore grinding to the infamous level 9999.   Disgaea PC won’t be just a straightforward port but will […]Read More

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Season Pass Review (PS4)

Disgaea is among our favorite franchises. It was one of Nippon Ichi Software’s first series that made it to the west and has remained popular ever since. Its wacky, lighthearted and self-aware nature got a huge following. Disgaea 5 continues that tradition with its newest season pass which brings back old time characters.     DLC Scenarios   […]Read More

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Details

Not only will we be getting a free Mario Kart 8 update which will add the blistering 200CC mode into the game, but we can also expect the second batch of DLC to drop in May, finishing off the Season Pass. With the release almost upon us Nintendo has seen fit to divulge some of […]Read More

New Dragon Ball Xenoverse Characters & Season Pass

We’re looking forward to Dragon Ball Xenoverse — because what kind of Dragon Ball fans wouldn’t be? The gameplay looks tight and just… really good. I’ve not felt this way about a Dragon Ball game since Budokai, and, quite frankly, I want those feels back. It drops pretty soon, on the 13th February. But even […]Read More