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Is Sega's acquisition of Atlus a good thing?

With the news of Index Corporation’s financial predicament, the sale of prized asset Atlus – one of the most respected publishers, developers and subsequent localisers of Japanese games – became an inevitability. The buyer on the other hand was less obvious. Is Sega’s acquisition of Atlus a good thing?     So Sega has been announced […]Read More

Sega confirmed as the new owner of Atlus

As we’d previously reported, Sega Sammy Holdings were among those bidding to acquire Atlus – who’s parent company Index are under investigation for some seriously dodgy dealings. Now, we’re very happy to confirm, that Sega have been successful in their bid – paying a reported ¥14 Billion – around $140 Million.   The deal is […]Read More

Sega publishes TGS line-up

Tokyo Game Show kicks off on the 19th September, only a week away!!! And if that wasn’t enough excitement already, Sega has released it’s line-up and interestingly… There is no mention of Xbox 360/One.       This is the full Sega Line-up for Japan: Yakuza Ishin – PS4/PS3 Phantasy Star Online 2 – PC/PS […]Read More

Project X Zone Review (3DS)

Project X Zone suffers from one problem and one problem alone; hero overload. OK that’s a lie, it also has a load of undercooked mechanics and a difficulty curve that swiftly nosedives into insignificance, but even those issues stem from that core error of saviour saturation.   For the uninformed Project X Zone is a […]Read More

Project Diva F Is Coming To The West!

Hatsune Miku fans have wanted this since the original PSP game, and it seems like Sega have heard them – a Project Diva game is getting an English release. Project Diva F, the console port of Project Diva f (notice the lowercase f), was released in Japan during March this year.     According to […]Read More

Why Shenmue 3 must never be made

I can feel the internet welling up with hate as I type this. Welling up with loathing – ready to spunk creamy-hot vitriolic hate all over my face. But that’s okay. Because no one is more angry about this disgraceful little article than me.  I am a self-confessed Shenmue fanboy.      Because I’m lazy, […]Read More

Fresh from Japan: New addition to SEGA’s Shining series?

SEGA have set up a new teaser site for one of their latest projects. There’s been no indication of what the game is and all that’s been revealed are some beautiful images of a fantasy world and the date, February 12th. Could it be a new MMORPG, or even a JRPG!? Rumours are that it’s […]Read More

Anarchy Reigns Review (PS3)

Anarchy Reigns is another insane fighter from the geniuses at Platinum Games. New and old characters have been brought together to create this brawler which is closer in spirit to Powerstone and Smash Bros. than your average fighting game. Oh, and you can literally punch out Cthulhu… what more needs to be said?   Anarchy […]Read More