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10 of the best sexy games on Steam

We all love a good sexy game around here — and those who have been following PC gaming for a while will recall that, outside of a few peculiar situations, Valve mostly seems to be open to sexy games on its Steam platform these days. So here’s ten of the best for you to enjoy! […]Read More

10 of the best sexy games on Nintendo Switch

Those of us who have been gaming for a few years at this point will doubtless remember the rather puritanical Nintendo of the ‘90s, where we weren’t even allowed to have blood in our violent video games, let alone the slightest glimpse of anything even vaguely naughty. Now, however, Nintendo has well and truly embraced […]Read More

Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts

I am a massive pervert. I don’t mean in a grooming-children-while-playing-Call of Duty kind of way. More in the way that I have a certain… appreciation for sexy games and the moe. I feel no shame in browsing Gelboru on public transport. I have four wives. All of them printed on double-sided dakimakura.     […]Read More

Monster Monpiece for Steam launches this Autumn

Extreme rubbing game and Hearthstone harem Monster Monpiece will launch for PC via Steam this Autumn, Idea Factory International announced.    Originally available digitally for PS Vita, the card-battle game with light RPG elements not only offers players layers of strategy through grid-based battles, but also the opportunity to master the moe through upscaled graphics for […]Read More

Gal Gun banned in Australia

Is Gal Gun banned in Australia? In a move that probably won’t surprise anyone, it seems that Gal Gun is being pulled from the shelves at Australian retailers for its raunchy content. Recent tweets have highlighted the fact that Electronics Boutique, Australia’s leading Game store in the territory removed the games just hours after release. […]Read More

Virtual Reality Sex Suit will blow your mind

Prepare your bodies folks, the full virtual reality sex suit is finally here! If you’re not content with the Earthly pleasures which Mother Nature provides, this full virtual reality sex suit from Illusion in Japan has just upped the ante when it comes to Virtual Reality Sex. Called Illusion VR, it’s safe to say, gaming […]Read More

Future Waifus – Virtual Lap Pillow

While some developers are completely wasting their time with Oculus Rift – making first person shooters and flight sims and all that kinda crap – Up Frontier has been busy putting together a more sensible application for the virtual Reality tech. A Virtual Lap Pillow and simulator which… er… simulates what it’s like to have […]Read More