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12 Sexy Fire Emblem Cosplay To Help You Find Your

One of the best things to come out of Fire Emblem is the waifu’s and husbando’s. Sure, the games are great, and the combat makes things interesting and tactical. But let’s be honest, I’m not here for that. I’m here for the new best girls to make their debuts. I’ve decided it’s time to collate […]Read More

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection Revealed

Ever feel like you can’t get a good enough view of Chun-Li’s thighs? Fear no more! UDON have unveiled their Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Collection art book, which looks to pool together over four years of swimsuit and pin-up specials into one glorious, glorious book.   Here’s the cover art:     Look at the […]Read More

PS4 owners are the biggest perverts – and other things

Yes, that’s right – if you’re a PS4 owner, it’s fair to say* you’re a much bigger pervert than Xbox owners. Courtesy of the latest 2019 Porn Hub Stats release (an annual event I look forward to with worrying enthusiasm) we’ve broken down the tastiest morsels for you and applied some sweeping generalisations for your […]Read More

Top 10 Sexy Games For Perverts

I am a massive pervert. I don’t mean in a grooming-children-while-playing-Call of Duty kind of way. More in the way that I have a certain… appreciation for sexy games and the moe. I feel no shame in browsing Gelboru on public transport. I have four wives. All of them printed on double-sided dakimakura.     […]Read More

Japan’s latest Senran Kagura Peach Ball promo sure is… sexy?

‘SEXY CHALLENGE – GO!’ Exclaims Marvelous Entertainments’s Senran Kagura Peach ball, as you proceed to rapidly pound your flippers so hard that you bash your balls into Ryona’s bottom – model Shimizu Airi and voice actress, Hitomi Harada shrieking with delight.   And well they might, because Peach Ball looks, frankly absurd. Ludicrously energetic and […]Read More

16 unintentionally lewd Pokemon moments

Over the years, one thing has been consistent with the Pokemon series – and that’s its capacity for delivering hilarious, unintentionally lewd Pokemon moments. Surely, SURELY these can’t all be accidents?   Somewhere in Pokemon HQ, I like to think that a rogue element is slipping these moments into their games for us to find. […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z English Trailer Explains the Game

It’s not entirely clear why D3 have released an Omega Labyrinth Z English trailer for their latest PV, but we’re not complaining. This subtitled version of the second promo video explains the story, setting, and how all of the mechanics will come together in this extremely lewd dungeon crawler.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmg6pq-8_eI   It’s definitely a […]Read More

Sexy Persona 5 cosplay

It was only a matter of time before I listed some sexy Persona 5 cosplay . You know it, I know it – it’s fair to say sexy Persona 5 cosplay listing was a ‘thing’ that ‘needed’ to happen. You could even be forgiven for give for asking – “ILJG, why haven’t you posted Sexy […]Read More