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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Preview

I’m a huge fan and avid player of Final Fantasy XIV, and so I was thrilled that Rice Digital were invited to a the Shadowbringers Media Tour on May 17th 2019. I got to play a preview build of the game, visiting four key areas and got the opportunity to play with the jobs at […]Read More


We reported earlier this year, during our coverage of the Paris Fan Fest, that FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration event was coming to Square-Enix’s hugely popular MMO. It’s now finally here, with a familiar face now appearing in Hydaelyn.   From today until May 27th 2019, the “A Nocturne for Heroes” event will be live. During […]Read More

Information About Male Viera Teased For Tokyo Fan Fest

As reported earlier, at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest, today Naoki Yoshida today revealed the new race, the Viera. But a lot of people were wondering why there were no male Viera represented in the promotional material or trailer.   In a press conference, Yoshida was asked whether this was going to continue to […]Read More

New Shadowbringers Information Revealed At Paris Fan Fest!

We’re at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest 2019 in Paris, and Naoki Yoshida has not long finished his Keynote Address to kick off the event, revealing a lot of new Shadowbringers information to an event full of excited fans of the game.   Coming to the stage dressed in the Gunbreaker outfit worn by […]Read More