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Shenmue 3 DLC Coming January 21

Koch Media have today announced that the first piece of Shenmue 3 DLC will be coming on January 21, titled ‘Battle Rally’. The DLC will revolve around head to head battles while racing around a course, and will allow you to play as other protagonists for the first time in the Shenmue series.   Koch […]Read More

Shenmue III Release Date Revealed

It’s been a long time coming, but the Shenmue III release date has been revealed, and we can only hope that it’s delayed no further. The long-awaited sequel will finally release on 27th August, 2019, on PS4 and PC, and you can pick up Shenmue I & II right now on PS4, PC and Xbox […]Read More

Shenmue III Trailer Looks Pretty Rough

The first Shenmue III trailer has been released and it’s looking a lot rougher than I’d imagined it to be. A notable lack of facial expressions and a very small face for Ryo is jarring, and whilst I understand that it’s still in development, there’s just very little to be impressed by here.     […]Read More

Deep Silver to Publish Shenmue III

Developer Ys Net has announced that they will be teaming up with Deep Silver to publish Shenmue III and bring the highly-anticipated game to the West. Deep Silver are quickly making a name for themselves as a publisher who like to deliver games which have been in the making for ages, it seems!   You […]Read More

Shenmue 3 Delayed to the Back Half of 2018

It’s not that surprising, but Shenmue 3 has been officially delayed to the back half of 2018. But, that might be for the best if it’s going to be a truly great game. Yu Suzuki even explains the delay himself in the Kickstarter update. The worry has always been whether it can live up to […]Read More

Shenmue III Newest Update: PC Pre-Order, New Screenshots and More

As Shenmue 3 slowly but surely nears its release, more and more juicy details surface on this long awaited game. The development is well under way, with many of the scenarios nearing completion.       Motion capture advancing steadily, while voice acting has just begun. Yu Suzuki seems to be working day and night on brining fans exactly what […]Read More

Yu Suzuki on the Music of Shenmue

Shenmue wasn’t just a masterpiece because of its plot, exceptional visuals at the time or even minute details that went into every aspect of its world. The music in Shenmue played a big role in making the emotional atmosphere of the game.     In this 5-minute video, Yu Suzuki goes in detail about his music preferences. Some of his […]Read More

This Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine 4 Zora’s Domain Video

Unreal Engine has been behind some very graphically impressive games. Unreal Engine 3 was used for Batman: Arkham Knight, Mass Effect 3, and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- naming but a few. Its impressive successor, Unreal Engine 4, is already being used to develop highly anticipated games such as Kingdom Hearts III, Tekken 7, and even Shenmue III.   […]Read More

10 Crowdfunded Projects That Made More Money Than the Shenmue

Shenmue III got funded July 17th. They asked for $2m and got $6.3. This still puts it well behind its highest stretch goal, $11m, which would have added some kind of “magic maze” – something we can only dream of. But, applause all round. The Shenmue III Kickstarter was a “success”. I’m sure Yu Suzuki is […]Read More