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Astroport’s New Shmup WOLFLAME on Greenlight

We’ve previously covered many games from Astroport and we are excited for their upcoming WOLFLAME, a shmup with a Raiden, Raptor and Twin Cobra flavour. Vote for it on Steam Greenlight so it gets a proper release.       Ready your reflexes! High speed enemy fire incoming!     There will be 10 stages, 4 […]Read More

DariusBurst CS Upcoming DLC and Release in Japan

Back in December we reviewed DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours and it will be releasing in Japan on January 14th. It’s quite rare for a Japanese game to first come out in the west, but it is nevertheless a pleasant surprise.     The new DLC on Steam will also include the previously PS4 exclusive art book. Additionally, there will be three new […]Read More

Deathsmiles Coming to Steam

Cave has announced that their shoot’em up Deathsmiles is coming to Steam, most likely in Spring 2016.       Deathsmiles is a second title to receive a Steam release after Mushihimesama, which we reviewed in November. Deathsmiles originally released in the Arcades in 2007 and then in 2009 as an Xbox 360 title. There […]Read More

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours Review (PS4)

We can finally take a look at DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours, a latest installment in Darius series of arcade shmup shooters that was released on Steam and PS4 and Vita this December.     Dariusburst was first released on the PSP in 2009. Subsequently, there was an Arcade release. After the streamlined iOS version, this is the […]Read More

Mushihimesama Review (PC)

Degica is bringing another shoot’em up classic to the Steam platform. Mushihimesama is a Cave shooter that was released in the arcades in 2004. And while it had many ports, aside from the iOS version this is the much awaited first official English release.   Mushihimesama is one of the more unique Cave titles with […]Read More


From Triangle Service, creators of the exceptional XIIZEAL we’ve reviewed earlier this year, comes a new exciting release on Steam thanks to DegiGames. DELTAZEAL is a vertical shooter game, which was conceived at the same time as XIIZEAL, but follows more of the established conventions of the genre while also improving upon it and adding […]Read More


XIIZEAL is an arcade shoot’em up that was originally released as XII Stag in arcades in the 2002. The game was later on ported to the PlayStation 2 and now finally in 2015 we get to experience this classic on Steam.         Remember those times when you get surrounded in other shmups, […]Read More

XIIZEAL Releases on Steam

XIIZEAL is a shoot ’em up, or Shmup as us cool kids say, that originally came out in Japanese arcades in 2002 under the name XII Stag. The game has had a few different versions, with the most recent Steam version just coming out today, published by Degica. This is the first time Triangle Service, […]Read More

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER Review (PC)

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER is a new title by Astro Port, creators of shoot ’em ups such as Satazius, Gigantic Army and Armed Seven. This time you get a hold of your own 70’s anime mecha – Vulkaiser, coupled with your buddies, VulFighter team, and professor Amamori in order to save the Earth from a formidable […]Read More