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Bullet Girls is Like Senran Kagura Mixed with Call of

This summer Japan is getting another steamy Vita title, this time named Bullet Girls. The game was developed by D3, the same company behind the similarly cladly dressed Onechanbara. Featuring a mix between boobs and guns, Bullet Girls seems like a match made in heaven.   The game follows highschool girls that are a part of Ranger Crops. […]Read More

What kind of gamer are you? Rice Digital Quiz

Hi. My name’s Parallel. And I’m an MMO alt-aholic. I have so many different personas that I’ve forgotten my real name. Whew. Feels good to get that off my chest! So, what kind of gamer are you? Oh…you don’t know? Well then. Pretty handy that I LITERALLY just created a quiz titled ‘What kind of gamer […]Read More

Doujin Classics: Full Metal Sister Marilu (PC)

Considering the tremendous popularity of the Metal Slug franchies its no wonder that there would be doujin games that heavily borrow its gameplay. Full Metal Sister Marilu tries to spice things up by having nuns fight against aliens and instead of driving a tank you get to pilot a mech called a Holy Jacket.   Aside from […]Read More

Don’t miss: Diadra Empty

Oh the chaos! I’ve never played a shooter where unbridled chaos has been so beautifully implemented. You can’t really call this ‘Bullet Hell’. To my mind, Bullet Hell conjures up something altogether more structured and meticulously choreographed – Diadra Empty laughs in the face of ‘patterns’, or ‘order’ in favour of total madness.   The experience […]Read More

Doujin Classics: The works of Kenta Cho (PC)

Arguably the most prolific of all the doujin shooter developers, Kenta Cho, the sole member of studio ABA Games, has become one of the best known individuals working in the Japanese indie scene today – due in no small part to his 2D shooters which are at once beautiful, addictive and distinctive.   Kenta Cho […]Read More

eXceed Collection Review (PC)

If there was an award for the Greatest Titles In Videogaming History – then the shooters which make up The eXceed Collection would be clear cut winners. If there was an award for the finest Bullet Hell Shooter in History? Gun Bullet Children, Vampire Rex and… er… Jade Penetrate Black Package (okay, you might want to […]Read More

Comiket 83 Preview: Astebreed

As some of you know Comiket 83 will be underway over the Christmas break in Japan – starting on the 29th and ending on the 31st. There’s going to be so much going on there this year, so we’ll do our best to pick out some of the choice moments from what’s on show there. […]Read More

Satazius Review (PC)

Of all the games on Rice Digital, we would understand if you though this was the ‘worst’ – taking a quick look at the screens thinking ,‘hmm… maybe this isn’t the best of the line up.’ We have to stand by our principles on this one though – we won’t ever put a game up […]Read More

Ether Vapor Remaster Review (PC)

I have a genuine passion for shooters, I really do, but I have a confession to make – as the years roll by I’m becoming increasingly less skilled. My reflexes just aren’t as sharp as they used to be – and while I love the likes of eXceed, Touhou, DoDonPachi etc, the chances of a […]Read More

Doujin Classics: Hikware’s Shooters

A lot of you probably already know about Hikware – a doujin developer that consists of just one man – Hikoza T Ohkubo. He’s responsible for, probably, the most famous doujin Shooter of all time – and the game that actually got me interested in the doujin Scene in the first place – Warning Forever. […]Read More