SINoALICE Released, Gets Mysterious Key Art Change

Yoko Taro’s new mobile game SINoALICE released in Japan today. The official twitter account announced yesterday that the game surpassed 500,000 pre-registrations. Interestingly, the page on mobile stores now uses some key art with slightly different designs, though the game itself doesn’t appear to have been impacted.   Let’s play the 7 differences game! There’s not actually 7 differences so […]Read More

SINoALICE Trailer Shows Off Fairy Tale Characters

The latest SINoALICE trailer shows off its various fairy tale-inspired characters such as Alice, Snow White, Cinderella and Pinocchio. They’re vastly different to what you’d be familiar with to the point I couldn’t name them all if you laid them in front of me, but I like their designs regardless.   Some are more obvious […]Read More

Smartphone Game SINoALICE Releases on June 6th in Japan

The official twitter has revealed that smartphone game SINoALICE will be releasing in Japan on June 6th! While it’s been pushed back a tad from the late May release originally announced, it’s only a very small delay, and it’s now releasing on Creative Director Yoko Taro’s birthday, which is kind of nice!   Not much is known about […]Read More

SINoALICE Little Mermaid Character Design Revealed

To celebrate 300,000 pre-registrations for the upcoming title, the SINoALICE Little Mermaid character design was revealed on the game’s official Twitter account, along with accompanying comments by Character Designer Jino and Creative Director Yoko Taro!   SINoALICE is an upcoming mobile game where all the characters are based on fairytales. So far, we’ve seen Little […]Read More

SINoALICE x NieR Automata Collaboration Underway

Yoko Taro and Square Enix’s latest smartphone game, SINoALICE, is going to feature music from NieR: Automata as well as characters 2B, 9S, A2 and Emil. Beauvoir, the boss you fight at Automata’s amusement park area, will make an appearance in an event written by Yoko Taro.   SINoALICE is a real-time action RPG and will […]Read More

SINoALICE Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

After being teased for weeks, Square Enix has finally unveiled SINoALICE’s gameplay. At a glance it might seem like those steretypical cutegirl mobile JRPGs, but scratch the surface a bit and you will uncover a unique and frighting world made by none other than Yoko Taro, the creative mind behind the NieR and Drakengard franchises.   Like […]Read More

New SINoALICE Trailer Introduces Characters

A new SINoALICE trailer has been released, introducing 8 characters. SINoALICE is an upcoming mobile title recently announced by Square Enix. Yoko Taro will be Creative Director, and NieR composer Keiichi Okabe will be Music Director. Take a look at the trailer below:     The characters shown in the trailer are:   – Little Red Riding […]Read More

SINoALICE New Smartphone Game From Square Enix and Yoko Taro

Square Enix just announced its upcoming iOS and Android title SINoALICE. Yoko Taro, the man known for the NieR and Drakengard series is the creative director, and it shows. The game’s tagline is “This is the worst story” and with such overflowing pessimism we can’t but be excited.   The game is developed by Pocket Laboratory, a Japanese company known for releasing […]Read More