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Top 10 Hottest Women in Video Games

These days there are plenty of great women in video games. Some of them have been the stars of some of the greatest video games of all time, such as Tomb Raider, or Horizon: Zero Dawn. But the real question is, which of these women are the hottest? Your opinion may vary, but these are […]Read More

Japanese Switch Launch Line-up Has Almost Twice as Many Games

The Switch day launch line-up has resulted in rather divisive opinions on whether the console should be a day one purchase. What’s more, the Japanese Switch launch line-up has almost twice as many games, many of which haven’t been announced for overseas at all. How much are we missing out on? And is it anything worthwhile?   […]Read More

Gamescom 2015 & New Sponsors – Pro Gamer Insights

Thanks once again to everyone who banded together to raise the money for me to go to gamescom. you guys wanted your voices heard in the games media in 2015 and thank you for choosing me – Pro Gamer.     Hopefully in the future I would like to attend more of these events and […]Read More

Skylanders SuperChargers Preview – Hammer Slam Bowser & Turbo Charge

My German is very limited. Gamescom is in Germany. Despite this, the greatest language difficulties arose when attempting to play Skylanders for the first time, as the pleasant, multilingual Nintendo employee tried to talk me through it, deftly switching figures in and out like some kind of casino blackjack dealer.     I played through Chapter 12 […]Read More

Amiibo Figures to Work with Hyrule Warriors

Amiibo. What are they? What do they do? Just where did they come from? These are just some of the questions posed by Shigeru Miyamoto the morning after the small Amiibo creatures that inspired Nintendo’s figures crawled out of their wrecked satellite on the roof of Nintendo HQ.   I can’t speak for the purpose of […]Read More