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Evo Moment 37 Smash Bros recreation

Now THIS I like. It’s an Evo Moment 37 Smash Bros recreation – and though it’s not quite as hype as the original, it’s kinda nice to see it in action in Smash Bros – sure it’s Star Fox on the recieving end and not Peach, but hey, we’re not fussy.     This Evo […]Read More

So, We Were (Kinda) Right About Smash Bros. Ultimate

There are three words I don’t hear enough and love when I legitimately get the chance to say: “I was right”. So, on the release day for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I wanted to return to an article I wrote earlier in the year on things I wanted to see in the game. If only […]Read More

Bizarre Super Smash Bros school shooting misunderstanding

Never expected to be typing ‘Smash Bros School Shooting’ this afternoon. Turns out the innocent use of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate symbol on a school whiteboard has resulted in a school being inundated with rumours that a school shooting was planned on the day of the game’s release. Thankfully it was all a misunderstanding. […]Read More

Joker from Persona 5 announced as DLC for Smash Bros.

The Game Awards were last night, bringing together the best of the best in the industry for a night of celebrating the last year of video games. Not only did we have games winning awards left and right, we had some incredible new game announcements. However, none of these were more surprising than Joker from […]Read More

Six Completely Serious Picks For The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Ever since my previous (and mostly correct, but more on that at a later date) article about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I’ve been wondering about whether there would be DLC despite the tremendous base roster. This was answered last week with Masahiro Sakurai himself confirming during the Smash Bros. Direct that there would be five […]Read More

Eight Things I Would Love To See In Super Smash

Coming as the main highlight of Nintendo’s E3 presentation, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been confirmed to be landing in December this year, but after their claim that ‘Everyone Is Here’, it led me to thinking about what isn’t here (so far) that I would like to be. So, I’ve made a little list of […]Read More

EVO 2017 Line-Up Announced – ARMS Could Be at EVO

The EVO 2017 line-up has been announced, and it’s feeling pretty fresh! Well, most of the line-up has been announced. This time around the ninth game is being left to the players to decide from a vote. But first, let’s take a look at the games that our champions will be duking it out in […]Read More

Rice Chat: EVO 2016 Line-Up

The EVO 2016 line-up was announced! People are excited! People are upset! Oscar, Peter, and Geraint chat about the games on show, what’s missing, and what we’d like to see…     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube to get updates on them as soon as they go up!   […]Read More

Wild Gunman Comes to the Virtual Console – The Nintendo

So we’re now officially living in the future. I’m sure most of you already know this, but Wednesday the 21st of October 2015 was the date that Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown travelled to in Back to the Future Part II and so everyone’s been quite excited about that. Including Nintendo! Yes, to celebrate […]Read More

Videogame porn – how perverted are YOU?

Now it probably won’t surprise you to hear that some of my closest friends consider me to be some kind of disgustng pervert. This probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I recently decided to double dip on girly-rail-shooter Gal Gun Double Peace on PS4 and Vita.   To be fair it was strictly research (for […]Read More