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Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

We can almost taste the sea-salt ice cream, Kingdom Hearts III is almost here, with the promise of finishing a story more complex than choosing all of the options in a ‘choose you own adventure’. With only two weeks to release, Square-Enix yesterday revealed the Kingdom Hearts III pre-order bonuses.   These bonuses were revealed […]Read More

The Top Five Worst Kingdom Hearts Worlds

It has been somewhere in the region of six and a half thousand years but Kingdom Hearts III is almost here! In a few short weeks, we will have the culmination of everything that has come before. All of the tears, all of those sub-plots, and all of those battles, come to their final point. […]Read More

Sora and Cloud from KINGDOM HEARTS coming to FINAL FANTASY

I’ve become greatly addicted to mobile titles in the last year, going all in with Fire Emblem Heroes, STAR OCEAN ANAMNESIS, and even becoming a late-comer to Pokémon GO!. One that I haven’t played yet is FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, which might have to change now that Square-Enix have announced that Sora and Cloud from […]Read More

Square-Enix reveal the KINGDOM HEARTS III – Final Battle trailer!

It’s almost here. Next month the story that has been told over a sequence of years comes to its conclusion with KINGDOM HEARTS III. Today, Square-Enix showed Sora and friends gathering for the ultimate battle between light and darkness in the latest KINGDOM HEARTS III video, titled the “Final Battle Trailer”.   As unexpected events began […]Read More