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Tira Comes to Soul Calibur VI as a DLC Character

Fan-favourite character Tira will be coming to Soul Calibur VI, but as a DLC character who can be purchased separately or as part of the game’s season pass. The full roster for the base game hasn’t been revealed yet, so this move has upset many fans.     Watch Tira’s trailer below. She looks great! […]Read More

Bondage Boy Voldo Joins Soul Calibur VI

Everyone’s favourite bondage-loving Voldo is joining the roster of Soul Calibur VI, and he’s as odd as ever. What are the chances he surrenders in a fight against Ivy and her whip? I’m glad Voldo is back though as he’s one of the series’ most unique characters, and his self-taught move set is fast-paced and […]Read More

Yoshimitsu Joins Soul Calibur VI

Fan-favourite swordsman Yoshimitsu is the next character to be joining Soul Calibur VI’s growing roster, sporting an all-new look as a new wielder of the sword takes center stage. He’s is a name given to the owner of the Yoshimitsu sword and leader of the Manji Clan.     Check out how’ll look and play […]Read More

Taki is Joining Soul Calibur VI

In news that will not surprise any Soul Calibur fan, Taki is the next character to be revealed for the upcoming fighting game. She hasn’t been officially revealed yet but a video which went live on NicoNico, prematurely, was saved and uploaded by Avoiding the Puddle.     You can check out how Taki looks […]Read More

Geralt of Rivia Joins Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur has a history of guest characters with some of them being stranger than the last. Link, Spawn, Darth Vader, Yoda and Ezio are a few of who’ve crossed over with the fighting game’s cast, and this time it’s Geralt of Rivia’s turn to shine.     Check out how The Witcher‘s Geralt plays […]Read More

Ivy and Zasalamel Join Soul Calibur VI

Bandai Namco has announced that Ivy Valentine and Zasalamel are the next two contenders to join Soul Calibur VI, and both of the long-term entrants are looking as great as ever. Ivy is one of my mains, so I’m glad to see that her fancy whip is still kicking up a storm.     Check […]Read More

Goku & Naruto May Be Tekken 7 Guest Characters (or

We’re already well aware of Akuma’s presence in Tekken 7, making the jump from Street Fighter. He’s been featured heavily in the marketing materials. Bandai Namco have just revealed that there will be 2 more Tekken 7 guest characters from other franchises in the game. But they won’t say who.   Soul Calibur could be […]Read More