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I Still Really Want Aizouban Houshinengi in English

Now that a recent Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate character leak has sent me spiralling back into pining for a western release of Aizouban Houshinengi, I figure I might as well explain why it’s been sitting pretty on my “I still want these games in English” list for the better part of two decades.   Back […]Read More

Digimon Survive Opening Movie Released

Bandai Namco has released the Digimon Survive opening movie, which was revealed at The Future of Digimon Anime Expo panel, giving us a look at what to expect when the game releases next year. Take a look below:   Rather than an cinematic opening with a theme song, the Digimon Survive opening movie appears to be […]Read More

Fire Emblem Three Houses Expansion Pass Announced

It’s Three Houses release month now, which is pretty exciting already, but Nintendo’s boosting the hype with the announcement of a Fire Emblem Three Houses Expansion Pass, which includes 4 waves of DLC going all the way up to April 30th 2020!   The Expansion Pass will cost $24.99. Here’s an overview from Nintendo: Strategic […]Read More

Langrisser I & II Coming West Early 2020

I’ve been hoping for word of a western release since the gorgeous Langrisser remake double pack was announced in Japan, and here we are at last! Check out the Langrisser I & II announcement trailer below:   Here’s an overview of Langrisser I & II from NIS America: Langrisser I: The forces of darkness are […]Read More

Famitsu Gives More Fire Emblem: Three Houses Details

We’re seeing a steady trickle of information now, as Fire Emblem: Three Houses counts down towards release, with new character profiles every few days. The latest issue of Famitsu gives us even more Fire Emblem: Three Houses details, including some unique new gameplay features.   Whew, there’s a lot to take in here! Thanks to […]Read More

Nintendo UK Fire Emblem: Three Houses Pre-Orders Opened

We’ve already had a nice helping of Fire Emblem: Three Houses news today, with plenty of interesting details about the upcoming title, but why stop there? The Nintendo UK online store has now opened Fire Emblem: Three Houses pre-orders, as well as shown off a nifty store bonus for the game! Sweet!   Although we’ve […]Read More

Fire Emblem Three Houses Teaser Shows Both Forms of Byleth

As we slowly tick down to the summer release date, I’ll pounce on any Three Houses news I can get, and a brief new Fire Emblem Three Houses teaser showing both the male and female versions of protagonist Byleth is certainly much appreciated! We got a bonus look at the Three Houses form of Anna from […]Read More

8 Things on my Fire Emblem Three Houses Wishlist

While it’s great to have finally seen more of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the recent Nintendo direct, there are still many questions yet to be answered about the finer details of what we can expect from the next instalment in the long-running SRPG series. That means it’s time to filter out the ‘do’s from […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Knows What It’s Doing with Secondary Characters

The Valkyria Chronicles games know how to make you care about the hordes of characters you can enlist to your cause, and this is perfectly exemplified in Valkyria Chronicles 4. It’s a really simple thing, but just by giving the secondary characters a little development, Valkyria Chronicles 4 manages to make you care about each individual soldier in your […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Review (PS4) – Mastering the Art of

Valkyria Chronicles 4 had me hooked from the demo, so I was very excited to see what the full game had in store. It may seem a little odd at first, but it’s a beautifully-crafted and enchantingly unique take on tactical strategy.     Valkyria Chronicles 4 manages to perfectly mesh turn-based strategy with real-time […]Read More