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Rice Digital @ Japan Expo Paris 2016

You know we love going to conventions! We had a great time at London May MCM this year (check out our videos!), we just got done helping out at LA Anime Expo, and now we’re at Japan Expo Paris 2016 too! We’ve got worldwide fans, so we’re stepping up to meet all of you as […]Read More

PQube Tease Image of Steins;Gate 0 Localisation

Just the other week PQube’s Head of Marketing teased that the initial Steins;Gate 0 localisation was complete, but with no images or screenshots. Now PQube have shared a first look at it on Twitter, though a fairly low-key one!     The photo shows Steins;Gate 0 running on what appears to be the PlayStation 4. It’s […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 Localisation is Complete for the West

PQube’s Head of Marketing has mentioned on Twitter that the localisation for Steins;Gate 0 is already complete – or at the very least a first draft. It’s only one vague tweet, but it’s comforting to know that progress is assuredly being made. PQube are bringing Steins;Gate 0 to NA & EU in 2016.   Considering it […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 Sells 100,000 Copies Day One

There is little arguing over the popularity of Steins;Gate, however Steins;Gate 0 managed to break all past records. According to Mages’ executive director Chiyomaru Shikura the game sold over 100,000 on launch day in Japan.     【お知らせ】本日発売された『シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ』が早くも販売数10万本を超えました!ADVゲームとしては割と快挙!あらゆる陰謀に屈せず、己の信念を貫いて購入して頂いた皆さんに感謝!同時にシュタゲシリーズが、なんと累計100万本を突破!ありがとうございますヽ(*゚д゚)ノ — 志倉千代丸 (@chiyomaru5pb) December 10, 2015   To put these numbers into perspective the original Steins;Gate sold around 16,000 copies in its first week and […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 Gameplay Videos and Mysterious Timer

We are super excited for the true continuation of the Steins;Gate franchise with Steins;Gate 0. The official Steins;Gate 0 website has a mysterious timer and in the background Mayuri slapping Okarin.       The countdown is shown on the series iconic divergence meter and is counting down in seconds. For now, all clues point […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 Delayed in Japan Box Art Revealed

The next installment for the popular Steins;Gate series is just around the corner, titled Steins;Gate 0. This time travel science fiction story made a splash in the west with its amazing anime adaptation. But it was not until recently that we got a translation of the original visual novel which has also been a smash hit. […]Read More