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Street Fighter V Maid Outfits are Coming Soon for Four

Capcom has revealed that four Street Fighter V characters are getting maid outfits, and these characters are R.Mika, Menat, Kolin and Falke. Whilst Menat and Kolin have more traditional maid-style outfits, Falke’s is gothic-inspired, and R.Mika’s outfit is more fantasy casino-like.   These outfits will be releasing on 28th August, and you can get a […]Read More

All The Results From EVO 2018

EVO 2018 is over, but what a show we had this year. With the (sad) return of Super Smash Bros. Melee to the main stage, the debut of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and the ferocious, world-ending popularity of Dragon Ball FighterZ, every possible taste in the fighting game community was catered for. We were there […]Read More

G and Sagat trailers for Street Fighter V revealed

EVO 2018 was a goldmine of hype matches and fantastic announcements, of which Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition was no exception. Not only did we get THAT Grand Final, but also trailers for both remaining Season 3 DLC characters.   This isn’t all though, as it was also announced that both characters are coming today, […]Read More

Falke Joins Street Fighter V in New DLC Trailer

Falke is the next DLC character to join Street Fighter V‘s roster as part of the game’s third season pass, and you’ll be able to purchase her as soon as 24th April. She’s the third character out of six to be a part of the current season pass, with Cody, G and Sagat to come […]Read More

Blanka Finally Joins Street Fighter V

Shocking (heh) no one, Blanka is finally making his way to Street Fighter V. He was confirmed a couple of months ago, but this is the first time that we get to see him in action, and he will be available to play as on 20th February!     He’s the second character of season […]Read More

Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Already Replaced Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

EVO is the largest annual fighting game event. It’s a big deal for a fighting game to earn one of its 8, coveted slots. Those games are current, part of the conversation. Viable. Alive. Answering speculation, 2017’s Marvel vs Capcom Infinite won’t be represented at EVO 2018, with a team-battling slot taken up by the […]Read More

January 2018 Japanese Games Release Schedule

The new year is here. 2017 was a great year Japanese games, but hitting their stride, there’s no signs of it letting up. Glancing at the currently confirmed 2018 list, there’s some heavy hitters on the way. And it all starts this month. These are the currently confirmed UK release dates of the latest Japanese games […]Read More

Street Fighter V Season 3 Pass Adds Sakura, Blanka, Falke,

With Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition coming very soon, it’s time to step up to a new generation of Street Fighter V. Season 2 is over, but the evolution isn’t. On top of SFV Arcade‘s adjustments, Capcom have announced a Street Fighter V Season 3 Pass, and all the characters you can expect!     […]Read More

Menat is Street Fighter’s First Egyptian Character

For those of you who are still yearning to see Rose in Street Fighter V, maybe you’ll be content with newcomer Menat. She’s the first playable Egyptian character in the long-running series, and features moves similar to Rose — she has orbs to spare!     She looks incredible both visually and mechanically, and she […]Read More