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Rick and Morty Anime Produced By Studio DEEN

Adult Swim have released a quite remarkable Rick and Morty anime short, that has been produced by Studio DEEN. The anime short is named Samurai & Shogun, and as the name suggests, features the two in a bloody battle in Japan. You can watch the full thing right here!   Watch the Rick and Morty […]Read More

New Netflix Anime Neo Yokio Stars Jaden Smith, Steve Buscemi,

Netflix are teaming up with Production I.G, Studio Deen and MOI for their latest completely original anime project, Neo Yokio. It’s just a small part of Netflix’s ongoing efforts to become more and more involved with anime in the future. The anime will be a 6 episode series, and will land as a complete set on […]Read More

Anime Summer Season 2016 TV Guide: Air Dates, Trailers &

Mm, can you smell that summer air? No, not the smell of nature. The smell of your room and your computer as you watch some sweet, sweet, anime.  Here’s a simple and easy collection of information of what anime to watch out for in the anime summer season 2016! And where to watch it legally (as of […]Read More