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Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Review – Coming to Terms with the

The Onechanbara series has quite a lot in common with “exploitation” B-movies. There is excessive monster-based action and violence, and an element of “sexiness” that runs underneath, with two of the main characters in Onechanbara Z2 Chaos defaulting to skimpy bathing suit outfits. But does it feel like a “B-game” or something more? I’d argue […]Read More

Platinum Games’ The Legend of Korra Out Now

Sometimes The Legend of Korra and its predecessor Avatar: The Last Airbender are the subjects of discussion as to whether Westerners can ever create “anime”. It doesn’t sound like a great debate to me. I couldn’t care less about labels. Except, perhaps, the label on the (digital-only) spine of the The Legend of Korra game […]Read More