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The Silver Case Preview (PS4) – Delightfully Old School

A remake of The Silver Case has had a troubled history. Originally released on PSOne in 1999 it’s one of Suda 51 and Grasshoper Manufacture’s earliest games. Suda 51 has wanted to bring it west for some time, but shelved a DS remake. Now with a just released PC port and upcoming PS4 release we’re finally getting […]Read More

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Review – Coming to Terms with the

The Onechanbara series has quite a lot in common with “exploitation” B-movies. There is excessive monster-based action and violence, and an element of “sexiness” that runs underneath, with two of the main characters in Onechanbara Z2 Chaos defaulting to skimpy bathing suit outfits. But does it feel like a “B-game” or something more? I’d argue […]Read More

E3 2014: Sony press conference

With Microsoft’s press conference only focusing on games, it’s time for Sony to show its lineup. Will Sony be able to impress us with new and big titles, or will it show us games we have already seen before? Stay by and find out.       Destiny The show opened with a new trailer for Bungie’s upcoming title, Destiny. PlayStation gamers will be […]Read More

Shadows of the Damned Review (PS3)

Shadows of the Damned is a comedy/horror third person shooter developed by Suda 51 (Killer7) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil). The game’s storyline follows Mexican demon hunter, Garcia “fucking” Hotspur, and his pet skull-gun, Johnson on their trip into the demon underworld to rescue Garcia’s “girlfriend” Paula.   Storyline-wise, that’s about all there is – […]Read More