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The future of VR is not about spectacle, it’s about

Since I bought PlayStation VR, I’ve been thinking about the future of VR quite a lot. Technically, I think PSVR the worst of the ‘big three’ VR experiences that I’ve tried, behind Oculus and the (to my mind) exceptional HTC Vive tech.   What PSVR lacks in sophistication and wallet-bruising heft, it makes up for by being […]Read More

Summer Lesson Expansion Pack Focuses on ‘Touching’

Bandai Namco have announced a Summer Lesson expansion pack titled Hikari Miyamoto Second Feel. The expansion adds new situations for interacting with Hikari, as well as six new costumes that are available on a second playthrough.   The two new situations involve feeding each other cake and putting medicine on Hikari’s insect bites, having an emphasis on […]Read More

Summer Lesson with English Subtitles Announced

Bandai Namco have revealed that a version of Summer Lesson with English subtitles will release in Asia in early 2017. You can watch the English subtitled announcement trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbN8uUFPTXI   This is really exciting news for anyone planning on exporting the game too! While its concept is simplistic, Summer Lesson really does look a […]Read More

Summer Lesson Released in Japan

Summer Lesson released in Japan today! As such, there’s some more information and screenshots that weren’t in the demo to get stuck into! The release is the Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room basic game pack, so the focus is solely on Hikari.   There are six different tops for Hikari to wear. Additionally, there are […]Read More

Summer Lesson Demo Footage Released

A recent Famitsu stream has provided a closer look at the ‘Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room’ Summer Lesson demo from Bandai Namco. You can watch 3 videos of the gameplay footage below:     Summer Lesson is an upcoming PSVR title where you play the role of private tutor to some girls on their summer break. Most of […]Read More

TGS Summer Lesson Trailer Promises “Human Interaction”

Yeah, “human” spelt “a-i”, right? Bandai Namco have shown off a brand new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation VR game Summer Lesson, also known as “the only reason you will buy a PlayStation VR”. This trailer actually gives a fairly chunky look at the game in action.     Yes, the game promises not only […]Read More

Summer Lesson’s Gameplay Demo

Of all the games announced for PlayStation VR, Summer Lesson seems to be the most promising. Recently Sony Computer Entertainment streamed a playthrough of the demo on Nico Nico, showing off how the game looks in motion. There is even a little surprise at the end of the demo.   For those of you unacquainted with […]Read More

Summer Lesson Teaches You How To Interact With Girls

If you were wondering where was project Morpheus during this E3, look no further. Bandai Namco Entertainment is working hard to bring us Summer Lesson, an amazing looking albeit slightly creepy VR project. You too can finally train in a carefully isolated VR environment how to interact with girls without making a fool of yourself. […]Read More