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New Guilty Gear Game Announced!

EVO 2019 has been flooded with big fighting game news, of course, but what might be one of the most exciting announcements is that a new Guilty Gear game is on the way! Feel the hype with the teaser trailer below: Guilty Gear trailers always get the blood pumping! It may still be very early […]Read More

Sengoku Rock Project -TENKASOUL- Announced

An announcement from the SACRA MUSIC Fes. 2019 -New Generation- event has revealed a new project called -TENKASOUL-, with Fullmetal Alchemist anime director Seiji Mizushima at the helm! Loveless manga creator Yun Kouga will be handling character design and “coordination” for the project. Check out a teaser below:   There’s definitely a traditional vibe to -TENKASOUL- […]Read More

World End Syndrome Another Version Trailer Hints at Mystery

Things have taken a bit of a sinister turn in the new World End Syndrome Another Version trailer! While the previous trailer teased the game’s love adventure aspects, this alternate version and some new details about the story show there’s something dark beneath the sunshine and romance! It’s a little creepy.   Story On a summer’s […]Read More

Bandai Namco Announces Full Metal Panic! Game for PS4

Bandai Namco has announced Full Metal Panic! Fight: Who Dares Wins for PS4! If the announcement of a Full Metal Panic! game wasn’t exciting enough on its own, there’s a teaser trailer too, and it’s in English! That’s got to be a good sign! Take a look below:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ6nmp0X9aA The chibi Arm Slaves may […]Read More

Unties and Rayark Announce Deemo Reborn for PS4 and PSVR

Sony Music Entertainment’s new games publishing label, Unties, and developer Rayark have announced a new Deemo game, currently titled Deemo Reborn for PS4! The teaser trailer is running entirely in-game and it looks very impressive! The music’s lovely too, of course! Take a look below:     Deemo Reborn is a completely new 3D game, with […]Read More

Switch Rhythm Game Gal Metal Teaser Trailer Released

DMM Games has released a live action Gal Metal teaser trailer, as well as opening a teaser website! The upcoming rhythm game is described as “metal drum x juvenile sci-fi comic” genre. Check out the live action teaser below:     Tak Fujii is the Executive Producer, with Shuho Imai supervising and providing the scenario, […]Read More

Koei Tecmo Unveils Wings of Freedom Sequel A.O.T. 2

Koei Tecmo has announced has revealed an A.O.T. Wings of Freedom sequel, A.O.T. 2 (Attack on Titan 2 for North America)! There’ll be more news on the game’s platforms and release in the following weeks, but there is an exciting teaser trailer already! Check it out below:     Here’s an overview of the game […]Read More

NarKarma Engine A Teaser Trailer Released

Sekai Project has released a NarKarma Engine A teaser trailer, giving us our first details about the upcoming game! NarKarma Engine A is an upcoming TRPG-inspired title from Novectacle, the developer of The House in Fata Morgana, and is described as “An RPG where you’re both the hero and the final boss”. Check out the […]Read More