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Rice Recommends – Best Switch Musou Games

Sometimes you just need to let loose against swathes of enemies with a few simple button presses and revel in the slaughter, and that’s where Musou games really shine! So, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best Switch Musou games to further direct your somewhat barbaric but extremely satisfying hacking and slashing needs!   Warriors […]Read More

7 Series with Amazing Game Soundtracks That Deserve a Rhythm

It’s always nice to see a game’s soundtrack get recognition, which is a role rhythm game spin-offs such as Final Fantasy Theatrhythm and the Persona Dancing games fill quite nicely. But what about all the other amazing game soundtracks that deserve more time in the limelight? Here are 7 series with amazing game soundtracks that […]Read More

December Japanese Games Release Schedule

Here’s our December Japanese games release schedule to help you out this month! There’s plenty to keep you busy over Christmas, not least of all the massive JRPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 2! These are the currently confirmed UK release dates of the latest Japanese games.   Looking for other December release schedules? Anime | Manga | Light Novels […]Read More

Breath of the Wild’s Season Pass is the Worst DLC

Nintendo were a bit late getting on the DLC train in the first place, but when they did the results were pleasantly surprising. Breath of the Wild has taken no lessons from their Mario Kart & Smash Bros. DLC successes, bending back into a cheap cash grab that just feels a bit scummy.   Perhaps the […]Read More

Wind Waker HD Glitch Allows You to Skip Half the

Zelda games have always been popular in the speedrunning community, and The Wind Waker HD has always stumped fans when it comes to a barrier that prevents you from heading straight to Ganon. Despite being touched upon last year, a new Wind Waker HD glitch has been discovered to help you speed through the game.   […]Read More

Zelda Fan Creates Ocarina-Controlled Home Automation

There’s being a Zelda fan, and then there’s creating an ocarina-controlled home automation system with different functions assigned to different pieces from Ocarina of Time. This is just one of the wacky and incredible things Allen Pan has showcased on his YouTube channel, Sufficiently Advanced.   It may not be very practical, but it is unspeakably cool. Take […]Read More

Nintendo Fan Now Programmer Credited in Breath of the Wild

There’s a sweet story lurking in the credits of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild of a Nintendo fan who’s now living the dream. Twitter user @GeneticJen traced the name of Wildlife Programmer Corey Bunnell back to a 2007 forum post, where, just out of high school, he discusses his dream of moving to Japan […]Read More

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Announced

Nintendo have announced some Breath of the Wild DLC coming later this year! The DLC will be divided into two parts, with the first coming in summer, and the second coming at the end of the year. Here’s a video with some more info:   There will be an Expansion Pass available for £17.99/€19.99 when the […]Read More

New Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer Shows

Nintendo have added a new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer to the game’s official website. The trailer is titled ‘Guard. In this destiny’, and offers another glimpse at some battle and exploration scenes as well as showing off further story-related ones.   There’s no official version on YouTube, as the trailer itself only […]Read More