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New Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai anime starts October

The original Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai anime had its fans, but the series ended before fully adapting all of the manga. Aiming to rectify this, a new anime that covers the entire story will start airing October 3. The Adventure of Dai may have been based on Dragon Quest, but in many ways […]Read More

Dragon Ball Super: Broly English Dubbed Trailer is So Darn

Toei Animation released a Funimation English-dubbed trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which will be cinemas across North America next January, and it’s looking phenomenal.       Check out the trailer below with its distinctly soft and fluid animation. Then check it out again!     As fans know, Broly starred […]Read More

Dragon Ball Super Part Three Review (Anime)

Dragon Ball Super Part Three is where the series breaks away from the shackles of Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’ and begins to explore new content with the Universe 6 saga. Beerus’ brother, Champa, makes a sudden arrival and puts into motion between Universes 6 and 7. Exciting stuff!   We already know from […]Read More

Digimon Adventure Tri Loss Review (Anime)

Digimon Adventure tri.: Loss is the fourth of six movies and whilst I’ve raved about the other three, which improved with each installment, Loss is the weakest so far due to how little it furthers the plot. With how the previous movie ended though, this was always set up to be a slow movie.   […]Read More

Dragon Ball Super Movie Teaser Trailer Is Breathtaking

There’s one episode of Dragon Ball Super left (I know, I’m sad too) but thankfully there’s a movie to look forward to! Reminiscent of the animation from the early days of Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball Super movie teaser trailer released shows a little of Goku’s new opponent – a Saiyan.     The newcomer is […]Read More

Digimon Adventure Tri Confession Review (Anime)

A virus is breaking out in the digital world, and Izzy is frantically working to cure it so that the Digi-Destined’s friends don’t all become corrupted and wild. Meiko’s partner, Meicoomon, has escaped after murdering Leomon, showing that the stakes now are higher than they’ve ever been.   This movie mostly focuses on Izzy, T.K. […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection One Review (Anime)

Manga UK has been on a roll where Dragon Ball is concerned, and now they’re busily releasing all of the original movies. The first collection consists of Dead Zone and The World’s Strongest and, whilst they’re certainly not the best movies the series has to offer, they’re both solid entries which fans will love.   […]Read More

Dragon Ball Super Part One Review (Anime)

When Dragon Ball Z finished airing back in 1996, or 2003 in English, fans were left wanting more of the world’s most popular shounen series. When the movies made an incredible come back with Battle of Gods, it wasn’t long until Dragon Ball Super was announced and Dragon Ball took the world by storm once […]Read More

Kado: The Right Answer Review (Anime)

Kado: The Right Answer is Toei Animation’s subtle sci-fi CG anime original series. While it starts off as a masterpiece, it fails to continue meeting its own high standards by the end, and ultimately crumbles.       Kojiro Shindo is an ace negotiator for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs preparing to go on a […]Read More

Netflix 3DCG Saint Seiya Anime Series Announced

Netflix is really beginning to go all out on the anime side of things lately, and has just announced an original 3DCG Saint Seiya anime series, titled Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya! There isn’t a trailer yet, but there is a nice promotional image showing Seiya and Athena:     Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya […]Read More