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Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- is Coming to PS4 and Switch

I reviewed Tokyo Dark back when it released on PC and I loved it – so much so that I’m ecstatic to play through it again with brand new content in Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- when it releases on PS4 and Switch this Winter.     The new content comes in the form of art, scenes […]Read More

Tokyo Dark Review (PC)

Tokyo Dark, within its first 15 minutes, scared me at least twice. I’m not a big fan of jump scares, of which this game has a fair few, but the intrigue and mystery of the plot kept pushing me forward. Not at night though, lord no! If the sun wasn’t shining brightly outside, Tokyo Dark […]Read More

Tokyo Dark Interview with Jon Williams

With the Kickstarter for Tokyo Dark slowly nearing its deadline, we have got a hold of Jon Williams from Cherrymochi to talk more about this exciting new horror adventure. What’s most interesting about this game is the depth which it will offer. With 10 different endings and various possible interactions depending on your stats, Tokyo Dark seems to be […]Read More

Tokyo Dark Investigates Kickstarter

Detective Ito goes on a hunt for her missing partner, but what set out as a straightforward case soon spirals in to a nightmare, making Ito question her reality. Will you find out what awaits you in the rundown underworld that Tokyo Dark?       Cherrymochi Game Studio is a small Japanese indie studio […]Read More