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Tokyo Game Show will feature three Nier announcements

It appears those predicting we’d hear more about Nier Replicant at this year’s Tokyo Game Show were spot on. But that’s just the start, as Square Enix has announced there’ll be a grand total of three announcements related to the franchise in an upcoming Nier livestream. This information was released via the official Nier Twitter […]Read More

Square Enix announces its Tokyo Game Show lineup

With the Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, Square Enix has released information on its full lineup of 20 games, so we know exactly what to expect come the developer’s livestream. Slightly disappointingly, there are few mainline sequels for Square Enix’s big franchises – it seems fans hoping for a glimpse of a Final […]Read More

TGS 2019 New Guilty Gear Trailer Confirms May

In the flood of news coming from Tokyo Game Show 2019, Arc System Works has released a New Guilty Gear trailer, which shows off Sol and Ky some more as well as confirming the appearance of May. Check it out below:   Even more than Ky and Sol, May looks pretty different here. She’s distinctly […]Read More

TGS 2019 Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Released

We’ve been able to build up a nice picture of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake recently with Square Enix showing a spectacular redo of the original key visual, and now there’s even more to be excited about with the release of a TGS 2019 Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer! Check it out below:   […]Read More

Samurai Shodown Is Returning On PS4 Next Year!

I’m a pretty huge fan of fighting games, and this includes pretty much anything in the genre. So I’m one of those people that is constantly screaming into the void for the franchises I love to come back. Occasionally though, the developers or publishers will listen, and so we have a new Samurai Shodown coming […]Read More

Atelier Meets Super Mario 64 in First Atelier Lydie &

Okay, so basically I just mean you go inside of paintings. That’s a gameplay concept popularised by Super Mario 64 in 1996, and me in 1994 which is also why I’m no longer allowed in any art galleries in Washington State. This trailer and gameplay demo from TGS give a first proper look at Atelier Lydie […]Read More

All the News of Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 Conference

It’s 8am and I’m ready to do this, readers. I’m more than ready to let you know exactly what gets announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 conference but, if you want to watch along with me, then please do so! Sony have been kind enough to offer a version of the conference for English […]Read More

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Browser Game Launches in

Koei Tecmo already announced that Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation was already in development last year as a browser game for the DMM service, but only now has more information surfaced. It looks like it’ll be coming out this year, and will be featured at Tokyo Game Show next month.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgvUdwFYEfg   As […]Read More

Nioh Launching Worldwide on February 2017

Koei Tecmo has something really special with Nioh. Its fine blend of fast-paced action from their Ninja Gaiden franchise mixed with the slow and methodical combat from FromSoftware’s Souls games make for a dichotomy rarely seen in video games. Yet it all still works perfectly.   During the PlayStation Press Conference at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo […]Read More