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The Top 10 JRPGs Of All Time

As someone who has grown up with a lot of video games and anime I enjoy a lot of different genres including Visual Novels, Fighting, and Action, but especially RPGs, or to be very specific JRPGs. I have enjoyed a lot of different adventures through playing these games so I am here to give to […]Read More

Top 10 Anime OP’s Ever

As a huge otaku, I love anime and games, but I also love music… My playlist is full of various tracks, and most of it is opening songs to some of my favourite shows. In this article I will be listing my top 10 anime OP’s. This is going to be one song per series […]Read More

Top 10 Ace Attorney Cases

With the Ace Attorney Trilogy now making the first 3 games more accessible than ever, I figured it was time to go back over the series and pick out my top 10 Ace Attorney cases. So here are the ones I consider best of the best!     10. Rise from the Ashes (Phoenix Wright: Ace […]Read More

Top 5 Games to Play While Eating Soup Alone on

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and putting the time in for the most important people in your life. Such as yourself, via the medium of my two favourite things — gaming and food. Food, of course, being important to fuel your gaming, and also enhance it through sensory seduction. Skillful gamers can even do […]Read More

Mitch Jay’s Top 10 Games of 2016

2016 has been a brilliant year for gaming and my top 10 list for this year may be my most difficult yet – picking, ordering and finally getting round to writing this list took a long time with plenty of internal debate but that’s it! It’s done! Have a look at what my favourite games […]Read More

Top 10 Final Fantasy That Ruined the Series

There’s been a lot of people pointing names and calling fingers at AAA games lately, not least of all Final Fantasy VII Remake for being episodic. Is it really fair? Is the series already ruined? We take an investigative look…     We upload a tonne of videos, so subscribe to us on YouTube to get […]Read More

Top Video Game Dogs

Man’s best friend…love them or eat them, they certainly don’t get enough offense thrown at them. Luckily, our very own – very crude – Yuka-Bot once again takes us through her top video game dogs. Some are completely awesome, some are downright annoying, all are dogs…kinda.     You’d be…ahem…barking mad to miss out on […]Read More

Top 10 Videogame Perverts

While the vast majority of game characters go for outright heroic, charismatic or sexy – some take a step into slightly creepier territory. Today, we’ve picked out our top 10 videogame perverts – those videogame characters that you definitely wouldn’t want to leave alone with your loved ones… let alone your kids…   Now get them […]Read More