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European Dungeon Travelers 2 Release Date, Two New Trailers

The target audience have been anticipating solid news on a Dungeon Travelers 2 release date, among other details, for quite some time. Thankfully, NIS America in Europe, and Atlus in North America, have been pretty communicative regarding Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal‘s development. NIS America have just announced the European […]Read More

Steins;Gate Character Trailer Revealed

Steins;Gate is coming out June 5th, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a visual novel dripping with class, that tells a truly compelling story. And what narrative is complete without some high quality characters with plenty of depth? Steins;Gate is no different, starring plenty of hard to forget characters that really make it come […]Read More

Persona 4 Dancing All Night Track List, Yu Trailer, &

Just like someone you once loved Atlus still aren’t ready to give up on Persona 4, despite the new thing, Persona 5, looking so great. They sit next to Persona 4 as it begins to slip away. Atlus turns on the radio and it crackles to life, the old hits, the old jams, playing on […]Read More

NightCry Extended Gameplay Trailer

As the Kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close we are given a glimpse into NightCry’s horrific world. Watch out where you hide because scissorwalker is a sadistic bastard and he doesn’t just want to kill you but he will find the most disturbing ways to do so. I have just one word for you: the dryer.     We are presented with […]Read More

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Launch Trailer

On 20th February Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will launch on consoles in the EU. It promises to be the final and definitive version of Dead or Alive 5, giving it the send-off it deserves. Being one of the staple fighting games of the last generation it feels right to bring it to next-gen […]Read More

New Final Fantasy XV Trailer

At Jump Festa Square Enix revealed new Final Fantasy XV trailer which showcases more of everything: cutscenes, combat, driving, monsters and finally a town. Of course, they managed to have more surprises towards the end.       Noctis is enjoying a ride with his friends and we get to see the glimpse of what towns […]Read More

Metal Gear Online Lets You Infiltrate Bases With Friends

Despite Spike dropping their Video Game Awards after a decade long run, Geoof Keighley has decided to take things into his own hands and host the first entry in The Game Awards show. There were a lot of interesting titles and announcements there. One of them was Metal Gear Online which will be the multiplayer portion the […]Read More

Devil Survivor 2 Box Art Unveiled

This week Atlus unveild the box art and new trailer for their port of the Nintendo DS game, Devil Survivor 2. This new version of the game titled as Devil Survivor 2: Break Record will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, scheduled to come out in Japan on 29th of January 2015 for 5,980 yen.       The […]Read More

New Soul Sacrifice Delta Trailer

A new trailer for the next Soul Sacrifice installment ‘Delta’ shows a host of news creatures based on fairy tales. There’s loads of gameplay footage in this one, so if you’re a devout follower who’s not been swayed by the allure of Toukiden, fill your boots.   You might also be glad to hear that […]Read More

Harvest Moon A New Beginning European release date, and trailer

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary in Europe, Harvest Moon is gaming’s best-loved farming series having sold well over 1 million copies in Europe alone. The first fully 3D Harvest Moon to be designed specifically for Nintendo 3DS, it represents the most customizable entry in the series to date.   Releasing on September 20th 2013, Marvelous AQL have […]Read More