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3 Essential Trials of Mana Tips to Get You Started

As the game is now out, here are our top Trials of Mana tips for how to tackle this lost gem. Some of us have been waiting more than twenty years for a proper release of Trials of Mana. Originally released in Japan in 1995 as the third game in the Seiken Densetsu series (known […]Read More

Trials of Mana: 3 Things You Need Know

With all the excitement about Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that it is not the only remake of a classic Square RPG gracing our consoles this month. In fact, and I say this knowing that stones are going be thrown in my direction as a result, that’s not even the remake […]Read More

Trials of Mana Review

The past few weeks have been good for JRPG fans. We have seen the remake of three of the best games of their respective time periods. First Persona 5 Royal dropped. Then Final Fantasy VII Remake hit us. And now, this week we’ll finally get our hands on the Trials of Mana remake, the sequel […]Read More

Trials of Mana Gameplay Trailer Released

We’ve got a new look at some Trials of Mana gameplay thanks to a new trailer from Square Enix. The HD remake will be landing on April 24 and we get to see a bunch of the environments and characters within the game in this new trailer. Check it out below!     Watch the […]Read More

Trials of Mana Character Spotlight Trailer: Charlotte & Kevin

Square Enix today revealed a new trailer for Trials of Mana, which is due on April 24 2020 on PS4, Switch and PC. This trailer features heir to the throne, Kevin, and Charlotte, the granddaughter of a Priest of Light. The trailer also has glimpse of  gameplay with Kevin.     Watch the trailer here:   […]Read More

2020 Video Game Releases Calendar – Rice’s Picks

There are 8 trillion video games coming out in 2020, as well as a brand new console generation. With that in mind, we’re not going to list every one of the 2020 video game releases. But we are going to list any games we think you might be interested in, along with what we’re excited […]Read More

Trials of Mana characters revealed

If you enjoyed Collection of Mana as much as we did, then no doubt Trials of Mana will be one of your most anticipated JRPGs of 2020. However, outside of their E3 announcement, there has been little news on the details of this new entry in the Mana series – until now. Yesterday Square Enix […]Read More