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Type-Moon Studio BB Game Studio Established

Type-Moon has announced the establishment of Type-Moon Studio BB, a new game development studio with Kazuya Niinou at the head. Niinou recently announced his departure from Square Enix, where he was notably the director for the Dragon Quest Builders series.   An official website for Type-Moon Studio BB has been launched, with a message from […]Read More

Rice Recommends – Best Switch Musou Games

Sometimes you just need to let loose against swathes of enemies with a few simple button presses and revel in the slaughter, and that’s where Musou games really shine! So, we’ve rounded up 4 of the best Switch Musou games to further direct your somewhat barbaric but extremely satisfying hacking and slashing needs!   Warriors […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA LINK Review (PS4) – Servant Action Mayhem Take Two!

The wild and wonderful Fate series returns to cathartic hack and slash action with Fate/EXTELLA LINK, the follow-up to Fate/EXTELLA. But how does the new title fare compared to the somewhat inconsistent and certainly imperfect previous one? Let’s take a look!   There’s a lot of additions and improvements to Fate/EXTELLA LINK that help make […]Read More

Fate/EXTELLA Link Details New Servants, Japanese Limited Edition

After the recent announcement of Francis Drake, Astolfo, and Scáthach as new playable Servants, some Fate/EXTELLA Link details with further info on them and plenty of screenshots have been released! The classes for six more Servants who will be added have been revealed too!   For the six new Servants yet to be revealed, there will […]Read More

Fate/Extella Link Screenshots Show Charlemagne, New Master Design

Following on from the Famitsu details revealed yesterday, the first Fate/Extella Link screenshots have been shown on the official website, showing new Sabre-class Servant Charlemagne and the new Master costume design! There’s not a lot more in the way of new information, but the screenshots are looking wonderful!   Charlemagne   Master   Backgrounds Everything […]Read More

Marvelous Announces Fate/EXTELLA Steam Release

Marvelous has announced a Fate/EXTELLA Steam release, as well as revealing the release date for the Nintendo Switch version! What’s more, both are due to release at the end of the month — so not that far off!       The Fate/EXTELLA Steam port will launch on July 25th £39.99/€49.99, with a 10% launch […]Read More

12 Dream E3 2017 Announcements & Why They’ll Probably Never

E3 is a place where dreams come true. Many announcements have been dropped on those hallowed stages that have shaken the hearts of fans. Let’s get shaken once more. Here are our dream announcements that may or may not happen! Do you agree?     Fate/stay night Official English Localisation, Backed by Sony as a New […]Read More

Fate/Grand Order English Trailers for Attila and Ushiwakamaru

With the North American release on the horizon, Aniplex US has shared a couple of Fate/Grand Order English trailers, introducing the Sabre-class Attila and Rider-class Ushiwakamaru! Take a look at the trailers below:     Servant Class: Saber CV: Mamiko Noto   Character Designer: huke     Servant Class: Rider CV: Saori Hayami   Character […]Read More