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Ciconia When They Cry Delayed, Opening Movie Released

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Ciconia When They Cry and Umineko no Naka Koro ni Saku released this summer as planned. On the positive side though, the Ciconia When They Cry opening movie has been released and it’s looking pretty good!     Ryukishi07 stated on the 07th Expansion Twitter that Ciconia‘s delay is due […]Read More

When They Cry New Game in 2017

Higurashi When They Cry and Umineko When They Cry are some of the most remarkable visual novels out there. Starting out as little more than doujin titles, they quickly grew in popularity and rightfully so. The last installment of these games was released way back in 2011 and a new installment in the series is long overdue. […]Read More

MYTH Review (PC)

Reviewing a game isn’t usually a challenging endeavor. After playing through it you need to form an opinion and tell potential buyers whether they should sink their hard-earned money and valuable time into the game. However, when the impression the game leaves you with is so divisive, such as the case with the visual novel […]Read More