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Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 Breakdown

DBFZ season 3 is officially releasing on the 25th of February, followed by the update that will be giving us Kefla on the 28th. This was all revealed during the official livestream showcasing some of new system changes, character changes, Kefla and more. So let’s jump into our Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 Breakdown!   […]Read More

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Version 2.0 Update and Content Pack

As part of EVO 2019, Arc System Works announced the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle version 2.0 update and Version 2.0 Content Pack will be coming soon! Check out the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle version 2.0 announcement trailer below: The update will include balance adjustments for every characters. The Version 2.0 Content Pack costs $24.99 and […]Read More

VOEZ Update 1.3.1 Brings New Ways to Play, Update 1.4

VOEZ update 1.3.1 for the Nintendo Switch is here, adding controller and docked gameplay support! On top of that, update 1.4 isn’t far off either, with some new songs on the way for free when it releases in February. It’s nice to see VOEZ still getting support and adjustments! Playing the game with a controller […]Read More

Fire Emblem Heroes Direct Details New Characters, Book II, and

It’s a busy month for Fire Emblem Heroes, as Nintendo’s recent Fire Emblem Heroes direct detailed some major updates to the game, including a new Summoning Focus based on the Choose Your Legends event and Book II of the story, which features some totally brand new characters! You can watch the full Fire Emblem Heroes […]Read More

Fire Emblem Warriors Version 1.2 Update Coming November 16th

The official website for Fire Emblem Warriors  has revealed the game will be getting an update on November 16th. The Fire Emblem Warriors version 1.2 update will add a new History Map, weapon attribute, costumes for Rowan and Lianna, and more!     Here’s a full rundown of everything the Fire Emblem Warriors version 1.2 update […]Read More

New Cutscenes Added to Final Fantasy XV Chapter 12 in

So it continues. Final Fantasy XV was a game with a good heart that felt undeniably rushed through development. So undeniable, in fact, that Square Enix have actively been trying to fix and finish the game since it launched. The latest of which involves adding some extra cutscenes to Chapter 12.     Essentially this […]Read More

A First Look at Rabanastre in Final Fantasy XIV 4.1,

Thanks to the steady hands of the very talented development team behind Final Fantasy XIV, we already had a pretty good idea of what the Final Fantasy XIV 4.1 patch would entail. But now we have more solid information, and screenshots — including a first look at Rabanstre from the Final Fantasy XII inspired Return to […]Read More

BlazBlue: Central Fiction Version 2.0 Opening Movie Released

The BlazBlue: Central Fiction version 2.0 arcade update will be going live on August 3rd! This update will add Jubei to the arcade version of the game, among other tweaks. In advance, Arc System Works has released the BlazBlue: Central Fiction version 2.0 opening movie – it’s pretty cool! Check it out below:     As […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV July Update Brings Magitek Exosuits

The Final Fantasy XV July update is on the way, and it’s bringing with it the Magitek Exosuits! After their announcement way back in January, the suits were delayed for their similarity to the ones in Power Rangers, but you’ll be able to make the party look ridiculous with slightly less copyright infringement very soon. […]Read More