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Final Fantasy XV June Update Brings Off-Road Regalia

Discussions of an off-road ‘Free Drive’ feature for the Regalia came up in the Active Time Report back in February, and now the Final Fantasy XV June update is confirmed to be implementing the feature! Not only does the Regalia Type-D let you drive off the main road, it can even jump!   It’s also […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Comes with a Survey in latest Patch

If you have launched Final Fantasy XV today (and updated your game), you might have realised that there is now a survey on the title screen. It seems the future of the upcoming updates will be decided upon its results, and players can only vote once.       “Survey” might be a big word […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV April Update Available Now

The Final Fantasy XV April update is now available! Among other things, this adds a new mode to the list of resolutions available on PS4 Pro, enabling PS4 Pro players to get stable framerates for smoother gameplay. There’s plenty of neat new features for players not using a PS4 Pro too though!   The full list of […]Read More

Bloodstained Kickstarter Update New Characters and Ask IGA

In the latest Kickstarter update for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, we received details and art for three new characters: Dominique the exorcist, Alfred the alchemist, and Anne a village girl.       Dominique Baldwin Age: 25 An exorcist dispatched by the church, she supports Miriam as the shopkeeper. She speaks in a posh way, but […]Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Expanded and Patch 3.56 Now

The Final Fantasy XIV free trial period has been expanded, opening up the game like never before in preparation for Stormblood! Rather than being restricted to 14-days, the free trial now allows players to experience Final Fantasy XIV up to level 35! That includes existing trial accounts, and expired ones can be reactivated too!   […]Read More

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Update 2.0 and Free Summon

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius update 2.0 is the game’s biggest update yet! Not only are players be able to explore the world of Lapis further in the next story arc, but a new side quest will allow you to summon the Esper Odin!     Further to the additional content, the update is enhancing some of the game’s current […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.05 Now Available, With NieR Music

The next Final Fantasy XV update, version 1.05, is now available! As previously announced, this update will increase the level cap and add PlayStation 4 Pro support, but there will be some new additions too, such as a collaboration with NieR: Automata, featuring some music from the upcoming game.   Here’s a recap of the update […]Read More

Pokémon GO Johto Update Announced!

Over 80 Pokémon from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver are due to be introduced very soon in the Pokémon GO Johto update! There will also be a bunch of extra gameplay features added, such as new Berries and new trainer customisation options! Watch the trailer below:     This is big news, and likely to cause a huge […]Read More

PS4 Update 4.50 Includes External HDD Support

The PlayStation blog recently revealed a bunch of great new features the PS4 update 4.50, which has just entered beta under the codename ‘Sasuke’, has to offer! Here’s a look at what you can expect when it sees release.     External HDD Support It’s easy to upgrade the HDD that came with your PS4, but […]Read More