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Gal Gun 2 Banned in Germany

To those following recent USK ratings, it might not come as too much of a surprise to hear that Gal*Gun 2 has been banned in Germany. Or, moreover, it’s been refused a rating by the USK, Germany’s age rating body, meaning that the game effectively cannot be sold anywhere in the country.   Coincidentally, we […]Read More

Valkyrie Drive Banned in Germany & Australia

Following on from the recent news that Criminal Girls 2 was refused classification by the USK and that Gal*Gun Double Peace was pulled from Australian retailer EB Games’ shelves we’ve now heard that Valkyrie Drive has been banned in Germany & Australia.     Both Germany’s USK and Australia’s OFLC have refused to give Valkyrie […]Read More

Gal Gun Double Peace Censorship Non-Existent, ESRB Rating & Other

With PQube having finally released a super soon release date of just next month, the next question on everyone’s lips seems to be about Gal Gun Double Peace censorship. Namely, is there any? On announcement PQube stated they would bring the game over “intact”. And it looks like they’ve delivered.     Just recently PQube’s […]Read More