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8 Tips to Help You S Rank Your Crush, Fire

Getting to the next level in a relationship is a tricky art to master, but the resulting stat boosts make it worth it. That’s why I’m here with this handy guide of love advice to help you S rank your crush, straight from Fire Emblem to you. Let’s get cracking and make Old Hubba proud! […]Read More

Top 5 Games to Play While Eating Soup Alone on

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and putting the time in for the most important people in your life. Such as yourself, via the medium of my two favourite things — gaming and food. Food, of course, being important to fuel your gaming, and also enhance it through sensory seduction. Skillful gamers can even do […]Read More

20% Off Select Games in the Rice Digital Valentine’s Sale!

Love is in the air! Get ready for Valentine’s with some great games at reduced prices until midnight GMT on 14th February! Whether you’re treating yourself or want to surprise that special someone with a gorgeous collector’s edition, the Rice Digital Valentine’s sale has you covered!   All you have to do is use the […]Read More

How to Romance Your Waifu This Valentine’s Day

February is a red month. You know, the colour of blood… I mean, love. Which also means that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, ready to expose our collective crippling loneliness and leave us with an overwhelming urge to hide away and play video games in a dimly lit room for the entire weekend.     […]Read More

Visual Novel Spotlight: Love Plus

With Valentine’s Day only a week away, I take a look at the dating sim classic Love Plus. With three girls and practically your whole life ahead of you, Love Plus offers you eternal high school girlfriend bliss as the game transitions from everyday dating sim to every day relationship simulator.   As I Love […]Read More

Japan Explained : Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day or ?????? is a day in Japan where women will give chocolates to men. Unlike western countries, gifts like cards, flowers or dinner dates are uncommon – it’s all about giving the right amount of chocolates. They don’t just give their loved ones chocolate, though – women can give multiple kinds of chocolates […]Read More