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10 of our favourite time manipulation games

Want to discover some games you should spend your all important time on? Here we list 10 of our favourite time manipulation games, be it a game mechanic, or relevant plot device to the story. With so many titles out there involving such a difficult theme to implement and pull off effectively, there will be […]Read More

5 Multi-Language Physical Switch Visual Novels to add to your

The Nintendo Switch already has an abundance of English visual novels available to hold within your hands as physical copies. With the Nintendo Switch being region free, it opens up a lot of potential purchases outside of your own region. But did you know that there are Japanese only physical copies that have options for […]Read More

Auteur Analysis: Kotaro Uchikoshi

After discussing Suda51 as an Auteur, I wanted to discuss an individual who wouldn’t initially appear as so obvious. Across two decades Kotaro Uchikoshi has made a name for himself with Western audiences specifically due to two series; the increasingly popular Zero Escape trilogy, and the lesser known but unanimously loved Infinity series. For the […]Read More

Please Be Happy Is Coming To Switch & Steam

Please Be Happy is a slice of live visual novel from developers Studio Elan and Sekai Games, and it’s making its way to Switch and PC this year. The news came with an official trailer: Please Be Happy Trailer We don’t have an exact release date yet, it’s currently set on Steam to ‘Coming 2020… […]Read More

Yuri Visual Novel Strawberry Vinegar Released on Switch

Strawberry Vinegar was originally released on itch.io for PC in 2016. Its writer and programmer, Ebi-hime, is a recognisable indie visual novel creator, with many of their titles available on Steam such as Asphyxia and Empty Horizons. Strawberry Vinegar is a comedic slice-of-life visual novel that follows nine year old Sakuraba Rie, a bad-tempered pessimist […]Read More

Murder by Numbers Review

Murder By Numbers is developed by Mediatonic and published by The Irregular Corporation. It’s a Visual Novel Nonogram/Picross-style logic puzzle game hybrid. Is this adventure worth it or is it something that should remain a mystery? Let’s get out a magnifying glass and find out in our Murder By Numbers review!   Game reviewed on Nintendo […]Read More

Our Picks From The Steam Visual Novel Sale

We’re being overwhelmed with great sales at the start of 2020, and they just keep rolling in! This time it’s Valve in on the action, with the Steam Visual Novel Sale! We’ve picked out a few of our favourites that are on great deals at the moment – check them out using the links below! […]Read More

Aokana – Four Rhythms Across the Blue Coming West This

PQube have revealed that they are publishing Aokana – Four Rhythms Across the Blue in the West! The award-winning visual novel will be heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this summer. There’s even a new announcement trailer with a song that promises to get stuck in your head. Sorry.   Catch the trailer:   […]Read More

The Best Visual Novels on Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect place to play your visual novels, either on the go or on your TV. Developers and publishers obviously agree, with plenty of Visual Novels being ported to the console, or just outright released at launch. It can be hard to choose where to start, so here’s our list of […]Read More