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Persona 5 Royal: The Waifu Review

Every Persona game comes with some top tier waifu material, and Persona 5 was no disappointment in that regard. Carrying on the success from Persona 4 Golden several years earlier (and this year, it seems), Persona 5 took a slightly different approach to their romance options. Not only was there the usual party member romance […]Read More

Fairy Tail – The Waifu Review

Hoooooo boy, I don’t even know how to describe my relationship with Fairy Tail. I remember when the series was still new and my hope was that the series would be another great battle manga/anime along the lines of the Big 3. Slowly over time and numerous nakama power-ups, I started to just do my […]Read More

Monogatari: The Waifu Review

Monogatari is such a fantastic series that takes some of the most unique choices when it comes to how an anime can be directed. Another fantastic thing about Monogatari is the girls. You know what that means! Waifu review! The Monogatari girls are all very unique and deep, so the ones included in the list […]Read More

Persona 4 Golden: The Waifu Review

Persona is one of the most popular game series in the JRPG community, so when Persona 4 Golden got released for PC over the weekend, it threw my mind right back into the sleepy town of Inaba. Like many people, Persona 4 was my first introduction to the series and Persona 4 Golden gave us […]Read More

One Piece: The Waifu Review

My degeneracy continues with this One Piece Waifu Review, because you guys seem to like them so much. Honestly, I can’t thank you guys enough, because I love writing this EXTREMELY cultured and high-IQ content. If you guys have any requests for series, games, anything you would like to see a Waifu Review on, please […]Read More

BLEACH: The Waifu Review

Ever since it was announced that the anime will be returning (and hopefully correcting some of the problems the manga had) I have been itching to talk about BLEACH. Now, it’s still a little early to be getting hype about its return and the arcs ahead, but we can definitely talk about the waifu’s baby! […]Read More

XenoBlade Chronicles 2: The Waifu Review

With the definitive edition of Xenoblade Chronicles releasing on the Switch soon, I thought it would be fun to go over some of my favourite blades from Xenoblade 2, a game which I thoroughly enjoyed. Xenoblade 2 is chocked full to the brim with some fantastic blades and a lot of these take on the […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Remake: The Waifu Review

Final Fantasy VII Remake has done some incredible things, character development being an outstanding example. With this in mind, us cultured folk have been gifted with three of the most wonderful women in video games. Jessie, Aerith and Tifa. Let’s deep dive into why these ladies are all so god-tier, in our Final Fantasy VII […]Read More