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How to build a cute waifu in VRoid Studio

Those seeking an easy way to build custom characters have been well-served in recent years. Between Kiss’ thoroughly NSFW Custom Order Maid 3D 2, Illusion’s equally lewd Honey Select Unlimited and Koikatsu Party, and now art community Pixiv’s perfectly wholesome VRoid Studio, designing your own perfect waifu or husbando has never been easier. VRoid Studio […]Read More

It’s Makina from Grisaia’s birthday

The three Grisaia games from Frontwing are absolute classics of the visual novel medium — and some of our favourite multi-language visual novel releases on Switch. They feature compelling and lengthy narratives with some of the most memorable characters you’ll ever get the chance to hang out with. Today, January 13, it’s the birthday of […]Read More

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for the

The Husbando Battle 2016 polls have closed. However, the winner will not be inaugurated until this Wednesday. This will take place after myself and the other members of the WHEC (Waifu & Husbando Electoral College) have passed the votes for our IP blocks. Even though mine voted for the P3 Protagonist, I will not be […]Read More

Persona 5 New Character Details

After years of waiting, Persona 5 finally got an official release date and it will be coming to Japan on September 15th for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Atlus has now released the floodgates and with it we have details regarding the new characters.     Makoto Niijima Voiced by Satou Rina   […]Read More

Omega Quintet Review (PS4)

Magical girls, idols, monster battling, music concerts, Omega Quintet is a game that has it all. Brought to you by the same company that made Hyperdimensional Neputnia and Mugen Souls, Omega Quintet is their newest title exclusively for the PlayStation 4.       From the onset you will notice the visual improvement that the PlayStation […]Read More

How to Romance Your Waifu This Valentine’s Day

February is a red month. You know, the colour of blood… I mean, love. Which also means that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, ready to expose our collective crippling loneliness and leave us with an overwhelming urge to hide away and play video games in a dimly lit room for the entire weekend.     […]Read More

Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl – Quarter-Finals

We’ve come pretty far now. Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl has now reached its quarter-finals. Only some of the bestest of the best girls remain now, all decided by community vote. But this battle is far from over. Only one can stand victorious. By the release of Persona Q we’ll finally know for […]Read More