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6 Pokémon I Wanna Mess Up: Why Are These Bad

Pokkén Tournament DX is bringing the previously Wii U console exclusive game to Nintendo Switch, adding in some extra characters. With 21 characters it’s a decent showing, but with 800 to choose from, some are getting left out. These are the bad boys/girls that are missing, who I want to mess up.   Oddish   Like […]Read More

Platinum Also Tease Wonderful 101 Switch

Following on from the kinda sorta tease of Bayonetta on Switch, Platinum have now tweeted a piece of art that much more directly hints at the possibility of a Wonderful 101 Switch. Like Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 was a Wii U exclusive. The official artwork by Eiji Funahashi shows characters playing the game on Switch. […]Read More

Platinum Kinda Sorta Teased Bayonetta Switch

Commemorating the launch of their Japanese Twitter account, Platinum tweeted an original piece of Bayonetta artwork by Yusuke Hashimoto. Featuring her Bayonetta 2 design on a blue background, and her Bayonetta design on red, a fan noted how it resembled the red/blue Switch joy-cons. Platinum liked the tweet.     It might seem a little much […]Read More

Breath of the Wild’s Season Pass is the Worst DLC

Nintendo were a bit late getting on the DLC train in the first place, but when they did the results were pleasantly surprising. Breath of the Wild has taken no lessons from their Mario Kart & Smash Bros. DLC successes, bending back into a cheap cash grab that just feels a bit scummy.   Perhaps the […]Read More

Mother Retrospective – A Look Back at One of Nintendo’s

When people think of the big Nintendo names, they probably think of Mario, Link, Chunky Kong, and all of the others that we’ve come to love over the years. Not enough people will say Ninten, Ness, or Lucas.       The Mother series is one of Nintendo’s crowning achievements and it’s a terrible shame […]Read More

Wind Waker HD Glitch Allows You to Skip Half the

Zelda games have always been popular in the speedrunning community, and The Wind Waker HD has always stumped fans when it comes to a barrier that prevents you from heading straight to Ganon. Despite being touched upon last year, a new Wind Waker HD glitch has been discovered to help you speed through the game.   […]Read More

Wii U Breath of the Wild Mod Unshackles Full Potential,

While Breath of the Wild is fantastic, and is gorgeously stylised (all of which we mentioned in our review), some of the game’s detractors aren’t entirely wrong. While it has been patched, the latest Zelda does suffer from some frame rate dips, and can only reach 900p max (officially) in the Switch’s docked version.   […]Read More

Zelda Wii U’s 2014 Footage Location Found in Breath of

If there’s one thing I absolutely love it’s behind the scenes information on game development. I’m talking beta versions, early builds, test areas. There used to be a bunch of Web 1.0 sites I’d hit up for info back in the early 2000s, reading page after page, ingesting it all.   These days a lot […]Read More

Getting All 900 Korok Seeds in Zelda: Breath of the

The Korok Seeds in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild are used to upgrade your inventory space. They can be found by discovering all of the Koroks hidden over Hyrule, and they’re one of the most fascinating rewards for exploration and curiosity in any open world game. Though there are 900 of them. […]Read More

Pokken Tournament Fight Club Friday

With the Switch about to release we kick back on the Wii U to take a look at one of its most unique games — the console version of Pokken Tournament! Things get heated, with some nasty twists! We’ll be updating this page with the tournament as we upload it onto our YouTube.   This […]Read More