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Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin European Limited Edition Revealed

After its initial reveal in 2016 — and localisation announcement a year later — Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin’s release is nearly upon us. Now, Marvelous Europe have revealed a limited “Golden Harvest” edition that will release alongside the standard version later this year. Most of the goodies that come with this Golden Harvest edition […]Read More

London Detective Mysteria Comes to PC July 31st

Publisher XSEED GAMES has announced that literary-themed otome London Detective Mysteria is headed to PC via Steam, GOG.com, and The Humble Store on July 31st! There’ll be a 10% launch week discount too!     This is a great opportunity to get in on an intriguing otome visual novel for those who passed it up […]Read More

London Detective Mysteria Demo Available Now on PlayStation Store

XSEED Games has released a demo for upcoming otome mystery visual novel London Detective Mysteria. The London Detective Mysteria demo is available on the PlayStation Store in both North America and Europe right now, in preparation for the game’s release on PlayStation Vita later this year.   Here’s an overview of the game’s story: Her […]Read More

Sonic-alike indie title Freedom Planet is coming to Switch

You might all not remember this, but there was a delightful platformer a couple of years back from GalaxyTrail that was inspired by classic Sonic games and gained a lot of popularity. This game was Freedom Planet, and Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games today confirmed that they’re bringing it to Switch in the West on […]Read More

London Detective Mysteria Heads West this Winter

XSEED Games has announced that they will be bringing otome visual novel London Detective Mysteria, developed by Karin Entertainment, to Vita and PC later as a digital-only title across Europe and North America this Winter.     Play as Lady Whiteley (her first name is up to you) of House Whiteley as you investigate the mysteries […]Read More

Trails of Cold Steel II PC Release Date Revealed

XSEED Games has announced that the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II PC version will land on Steam on 14th February. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I guess? You can check out the game’s Steam page here, with the PC version’s big pull being that over 50% more lines are fully voiced […]Read More

Exciting 2018 English Otome Games to Keep an Eye on!

2017 was a great year for otome fans, but why should the fun stop there? The 2018 otome game schedule for the west is already looking very promising! There are plenty of new titles coming up for the Vita, and we’re starting to see otome come to PS4 too. Here’s the current list of 2018 […]Read More

Official NIS Apology for Awful YS VIII Localisation, XSEED Did

While we did love YS VIII as a game, it’s unavoidable to notice that the localised release from NIS America was exceptionally poor. Any conversation online is littered with embarrassing and hilarious screenshot example. It’s been so bad, that the President & CEO of NIS America has had to release an official apology statement.   […]Read More

Marvelous Announces Fate/EXTELLA Steam Release

Marvelous has announced a Fate/EXTELLA Steam release, as well as revealing the release date for the Nintendo Switch version! What’s more, both are due to release at the end of the month — so not that far off!       The Fate/EXTELLA Steam port will launch on July 25th £39.99/€49.99, with a 10% launch […]Read More

Akiba’s Beat Maids are Here to Help in New Trailer

XSEED has released an Akiba’s Beat maids trailer! It might sound like a bit of a strange focus for a trailer, but the Akiba’s Beat maids are useful members of your party, who will help you navigate the Delusionscapes springing up in Akihabara! Meet three of your cute navigators below:     Having the different maids help you out […]Read More