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NieR: Automata 2nd Anniversary Broadcast Coming On February 20th

Very few games have dragged me into them quite like 2017’s NieR: Automata, and ahead of the release of the Game of the YoRHa Edition, Square-Enix have revealed that they will host a commemoration broadcast from their Ikebukuro Storia Cafe on February 20th 2019 from 8pm JST.   The broadcast will feature the latest information […]Read More

YoRHa Dark Apocalypse coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online!

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2019 is going on right now in Paris, and Naoki Yoshida has just finished his Keynote Address, revealing upcoming crossover YoRHa Dark Apocalypse.   Coming as the new Alliance Raids with the 5.0 update for the hugely popular MMO, YoRHa Dark Alliance is being made with the assistance of two […]Read More

NieR: Automata Novels Are Heading West

Two NieR: Automata novels are making their way Westward, courtesy of Viz Media. NieR: Automata – Long Story Short is a novelisation of the game, whilst NieR: Automata – Short Story Long is a collection of short stories from series creator Yoko Taro and Jun Eishima.   Long Story Short will release in the West […]Read More

Rice Digital Reader’s Choice Awards 2017 Winners Announced

We asked our dear readers to vote for their favourite games of various categories — reader’s choice awards, if you will. Some great games made the cut — some savagely, and others very close. You can view the votes here. Read on to take a look at some of the best games of 2017… according […]Read More

Yoko Taro Sheds Some Light on His 7-Part Character Creation

NieR creator Yoko Taro gave a talk on character design and scenario writing at the SEA Summit in Singapore last month, where he said a lot about the process he uses to creates characters! It can be broken down into 7 key things for consideration.     Here’s some details from 4Gamer‘s report of the event: […]Read More

Yoko Taro: “JRPG Needs Fishing”

Have you ever noticed that a lot of Japanese games seem to have fishing mini-games? From full on JRPGs like Final Fantasy XV or Dark Cloud, and even more action orientated titles such as Yakuza or Deadly Premonition. For Yoko Taro, the reason why for the former is clear: “JRPG needs fishing”.   JRPG needs fishing. […]Read More

Gal Gun Panty Race at MCM May 2017

What better game for a stage show than Gal Gun Double Peace? This year we forced, er, I mean, coerced, er, I mean, encouraged attendees to enter our “panty race”. Two people go head to head trying to fit as many pairs of panties tightly onto their body as possible. And is that… Is that […]Read More

12 Dream E3 2017 Announcements & Why They’ll Probably Never

E3 is a place where dreams come true. Many announcements have been dropped on those hallowed stages that have shaken the hearts of fans. Let’s get shaken once more. Here are our dream announcements that may or may not happen! Do you agree?     Fate/stay night Official English Localisation, Backed by Sony as a New […]Read More

SINoALICE Released, Gets Mysterious Key Art Change

Yoko Taro’s new mobile game SINoALICE released in Japan today. The official twitter account announced yesterday that the game surpassed 500,000 pre-registrations. Interestingly, the page on mobile stores now uses some key art with slightly different designs, though the game itself doesn’t appear to have been impacted.   Let’s play the 7 differences game! There’s not actually 7 differences so […]Read More

SINoALICE Trailer Shows Off Fairy Tale Characters

The latest SINoALICE trailer shows off its various fairy tale-inspired characters such as Alice, Snow White, Cinderella and Pinocchio. They’re vastly different to what you’d be familiar with to the point I couldn’t name them all if you laid them in front of me, but I like their designs regardless.   Some are more obvious […]Read More