Takeshi’s Challenge, the Most Frustating Game Ever Made is Heading to Mobile

Takeshi’s Challenge, a game that was made by Beat Takeshi in 1986 and also known as the most difficult game in the world, will be headed to Android and iOS this summer in Japan.



In Takeshi’s Challenge, the player controls a salaryman who goes through the worst week of his life. He learns about the existence of an hidden treasure on a island, and sets out to find it. Beat Takeshi explained that it took him and his production company a whole hour in a bar to write the plot of the game (which is hardly believable).



The game is often referred as one of the worst games in history, as the player has to complete various random tasks such as singing in the microphone the song that could be heard in the TV commercial of the game, holding a button for 1 hour, or making the right decisions that may look like really awful things to do in real life (leave your company, divorce your wife, punch everyone, and so on).


Takeshi’s Challenge releases on Android and iOS this summer in Japan.

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